Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Foto Friends

Mr D and I went to San Leon, a small community between La Porte and Galveston.  It was a nice drive on a pretty day!
This small gazebo looked lonely, sitting there all alone!

 I would love to spend some time in that swing...swinging out over the water!!

An old rope, most likely from an old shrimp boat.

Someone had this swordfish on their house!!  You see things like this when you live close to the bay.

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Until Next Time,

It doesn't matter where the road leads,
what matters is who you have beside you!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee Talk

Things sure have been quiet around here this week. 
Not much to talk about, not much to share!

This is Theodora, at one time she was a Santa Claus Bear that was given to my Mother.  When Mother passed I brought her home and put her away with some of my Mother's things.  I recently decided to get her out, give her a bath, dress her up and give her a new name!  I wanted a name that would be a feminine counterpart of Teddy....I decided on Theodora.

If teddy bears ruled the world,
Oh my, what a wonderful place.
Everyone would be happy.
There would be a smile on every face.

We would picnic every Sunday
At our favorite old oak tree.
We would sing and dance and prance about,
Just playing joyfully.

We would all be nice to each other
And always lend a hand.
Ready with a bear hug,
We would always understand.

We would all be happy when something nice
Happened for one of our friends
And our friendships would last forever.
Nothing would cause them to end.

We would be kind to everyone,
Not just those in our own home,
But to everyone throughout our world,
Wherever we may roam.

Yes, if teddy bears ruled the world,
What a wonderful life this would be.
Our hearts would always be happy
As we danced by the old oak tree.

The family's been quiet all week, just living their lives each day as the Lord provides.

GLOW didn't meet this week..WoW...that doesn't happen often.  We were just all going in different directions and couldn't get together.  Our meeting this week will most likely be super duper good ~ we'll have a lot of catching up to do!!

May God go before you this week and make the rough roads smooth.  May His joy be your strength and His peace fill your Heart.

Until Next Time,