Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Foto Friends

We've been so busy lately we've been eating out....a lot...more than usual.  Since we've been in Pasadena more that once lately we decided to eat at one of our favorite places.

Sudies Catfish House!!

After a great seafood dinner we had to have dessert. . . Banana Pudding in a mason jar!  I love banana pudding and I love mason jars, I was in such a hurry to 'dig in' that I forgot to take pictures.  That's awful....should I say...oink, oink?!

These signs are on the porch, gives a little character to the place.  

The restaurant looks like a home, there is a front porch with benches.  Sometimes they are so busy the benches are nice for those waiting to be seated.

The catch of the day!!

Time to join Deb at Breathing in Grace . . .

Until Next Time

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Busy Days

Hello everyone!  Yes, I've been away longer than wasn't just happened.  Sometimes the winds of life just carry you away, like a fallen leaf, twisting and twirling looking for a place to land.

Busy days, doctor appointments, birthdays, family visits, shopping for a new car!  Yes, we took the plunge and purchased a new car.  When did Mr D get so picky?  I can't even remember how many trips we took into Pasadena for him to shop, and shop, and shop.  Now I know what he goes through when I'm in Hobby Lobby.  

We've both had  some dental work done, Mr D finishes today, but not me, I still have weeks of work to be done.  ouch!  I am thankful that my issues are fixable.  I have cataracts on both eyes that have to be removed, another ouch!  First surgery is Nov. 8th and about 2 weeks later the 2nd surgery will be scheduled.  It is considered a surgery but it is a one day procedure as an outpatient.  I'm thankful for that.

We pick up the new car this afternoon, tomorrow is GLOW day, Saturday is Emma's birthday party.  Our church is starting a new women's bible study this Sunday afternoon which my daughter Peggy is teaching. 😍 

Busy days still ahead.

Hope to get by and visit with each of you in spite of the busy world I find myself in these days.  I am a homebody and I don't enjoy getting out every day.  I don't enjoy going into Pasadena every day, but that's where we have to go for most of our doctor appointments and any shopping that we need to do.

Pasadena on both sides of you, cars in front of you, cars behind you....woe is me!!  I like La Porte traffic, you might have 2 cars at the traffic signal, sometimes 3.  lol  Unless you hit the school traffic in the mornings and afternoons.

Guess I've been on my pity pot long enough.  
Time for me to move on down the road.

Thankful Thursday:
Through all the business, God holds my hand.  For that I am very thankful.

Until Next Time,
Trying to Live Life Joyously!