Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Poem for Tuesday

You need nothing more than
God's guidance and love
To ensure the things that you're
most worthy of. . .
So trust in His wisdom
and follow His ways,
And be not concerned
with the world's empty praise,
But seek first His kingdom,
and you will possess
The world's greatest riches,
which is true happiness.

His love knows no exceptions,
so never feel excluded ~
No matter who or what your are,
Your name has been included.

Helen Steiner Rice

Poems by this lady always touch my heart!

Until Next Time

Post Script
It's 8:35pm, Monday night, the house is quiet except for Mr D's tv in the other room,  I can barely hear It . . . I hear the sound of fog horns on the tug boats in the channel, a lonely and eerie sound.  They are trying to maneuver a big ship into the channel or maybe pushing a large barge to it's destination, warning others to get out of the way so they don't collide. . . I open the back door and look out into the foggy night and I shiver.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Birthday Party

I went to a birthday party and had so much fun!!

Happy Third Birthday to GLOW!!

We met on Saturday to celebrate this wonderful event.  It was decided that this celebration would be at the restaurant where we first met in 2015.  It was just three of us at that time, old friends who were just meeting for lunch to reminisce about old times.  We enjoyed it so much we decided to meet again the next week and invite others to join us. 

Arlene made the cake!!!

And the gift bags were ready!!

We've had several wonderful ladies come and go but the seven in attendance Saturday is our 'core' group.  

A wonderful group with years of friendship, coming together every week for fellowship and laughter (lots of laughter), with a thankful heart that God has given us this blessing.

Let me introduce you to everyone. . . 
This is Sandy and Arlene!  Love these ladies.
Sandy and I worked together in bank operations for many years. Arlene is our baker, she has made some of the most delicious cakes for us, she is very talented.

Pat, she is a sweetheart.  Pat was at the lunch where it all began.

Mary, she is a mentor for us.  A wonderful Child of God.

This is Linda and Zephra, aka Queen Zee!  Zephra is the glue that binds...things tend to be a little quiet when she isn't at GLOW.  Another spiritual mentor to us all.  Zephra was also at the first lunch where it all began.

We were so glad when we found Linda, she was lost from us for many years.  It was so wonderful to find her still living close and able to join us each week.

And then there's me. . . always talking, I ask the Lord every week to help me control my mouth.  Sometimes in overflows!!  lol
And I was also blessed to be at our first lunch when GLOW was born.

hmmm, wonder what Pat is looking at, it looks serious!!

God desires everyone of His children to GLOW like beacons in the universe. He wants us to conduct ourselves in a manner that is worthy of the Gospel.

Until Next Time