Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello September

At last, at last, September is here!
It's still hot it my part of the world.  It doesn't matter, September is when summer is packed away and autumn comes out to play.
September evenings you'll catch me watching the local weather reports ~ waiting intently for the first cool front and then hopefully a cold front soon after.
Even though it will still be just a little while longer,  the countdown has begun.
September always brings to mind one of my favorite chapters of the Bible. 
Ecclesiastes 3 ~ A time for everything.
 It reminds me that God is in control,
 He made time for everything, even the first cool front. :)
I will be patient....I will be patient.....I will be patient
and wait on the Lord.
If you haven't already guessed...
I'm ready for cold weather.
I think a lot of Texans are...not so much because they like the cold, but because they are tired of the summer heat.
Wishing you Happy Days
Until Next Time

Friday, August 29, 2014

Saga of the Plastic Shopping Bags

Once upon a time, about a year ago, Tracey and her family came for a visit.  For some reason I can't even remember, Tracey needed a plastic grocery bag.  So she asked me where I was keeping them these days, and I told her and went about whatever I was doing at the time.
Then there was laughter....lots of laughter....what is she laughing at.....oh dear, she's laughing at me!
I almost hate to tell you why......
I'll just show you!

 Yes friends, I fold my plastic bags.  I think I must have an excessive neatness disorder? 

Or maybe I'm just a crazy lady!

There we stood in the kitchen, Tracey laughing at me and I was laughing at me too. We laughed until we cried!
Tracey has always had a way of making one syllable words into two syllables when she is trying to make a point. 
 Tracey,  "Mo-om, I can't believe you do this!"

Has it really been that long since she left home for a life of her own?  Obviously she doesn't remember the neat freak that raised her!

After all that laughter and teasing, I still fold my bags!

With that said, I think I have found an end to my saga. 

 I was visiting Stephanie @ The Enchanting Rose and just look what she made!

 It's a plastic bag holder, isn't it beautiful? !!

I'm in love.

I'm going to make one, and then no more bag folding for me. Stephanie makes it easy with her step by step instructions.

Crumbled bags will not be a problem when I have something this pretty to store them.
Tracey and Me last Christmas!
Tracey is going to be so proud!
Wishing you Happy Days
Until Next Time