Thursday, July 9, 2020

Thursday Blessings

I've been painting birdhouses!  I have several on the porch that are old and faded, they really needed a face lift.  Of course red is my color of choice, it's such a happy color.

It was so cheery I decided to stop everything and enjoy a cup of coffee using my polka dot cup and saucer.  I must say, it was redhot on the porch so I didn't stay out long.  

I love to paint so while the paint and brush were in hand I decided to freshen up my welcome birds that are by the front door.

They were so drab and weather beaten, a fresh coat of paint brought them back to life.

Life has been slow, not getting out much, only an occasional ride to make sure the world is still out there.  Mr D wanted to ride out to Lomax to see his brother, making sure he was okay.  I love Lomax, a little area west of La Porte where Mr D was raised, where we were married, where my daughter lives and so on, and so on.  A lot of our roots are there.

Both are great musicians and enjoy playing together.

Until Next Time

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Whatever Wednesday!

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

We saw this enormous flag while out for a ride!

I was saying check out that flag!

Mr D was saying, check out that truck!

Across the street from that house, a sail boat drifting, enjoying being on the water.  Notice all those high power lines and tall cranes in the background, that's one of the unloading docks along the Houston Ship Channel.  It's called it progress, I call it destroying a nice view.  I shouldn't complain, it's brought many jobs to our area, with that said, it's taking away our small town atmosphere.

I've never shared how close we are to Houston, not far at all.  The blue line represents the Houston Ship Channel, you can see it runs right along La Porte.   Lot's of ships pass us by.  This map says Galveston Bay, actually we are inland of Galveston Bay, our area is Sylvan Bay. (Which is a part of Galveston Bay.)

Would you or wouldn't you?
That is the question:

I would certainly taste it, just because I'm curious.  I can't even imagine it being good!

Until Next Time