Friday, February 23, 2018

Thankful Thursday on Friday!

I've been so lazy this week.  

I think I need some sunshine, something we haven't had in a while.

It's Friday again and time for Friday Foto Friends . . .

Thankful Thursday on Friday!

I am so thankful for the 'enlarge' button on my printer.  Sure does help with my cross stitch patterns!!

Oh my, this is soooo good!  I am very thankful to my granddaughter's father-in-law who puts up the best preserves ever.....and shares them with us!!  Strawberry Fig Preserves on hot biscuits!!

This is the backside of the flowers Mr D gave me for Valentine's Day.  I am so thankful they are still pretty,  I love looking at them.

Sure thankful for Bitsy Baby and Buddy Boy, such loving little dogs.  I was never a fan of chihauhau's, but since they came to live with us I've changed my mind!!

Source: Coffee Time With Friends Facebook Page
I'm thankful for the people who have such encouraging facebook pages for us to enjoy.  I have a list and I visit them almost every day.

~ and ~

I'm thankful to hear Mr D's weedeater going strong this afternoon.  He's cleaning all around the back porch, pulling weeds and clearing away the plants that didn't survive the winter. It's almost time for some porch-sittin' and coffee sippin'! Thank you Mr D!!

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“If we magnified blessings as much as we magnify disappointments, we would all be much happier.” ~ John Wooden

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Seeing Green!!

I'm looking forward to spring, how about you?
Is that green I see?!  Just a little but it sure made me happy!

This plant survived the winter. . . barely!

Can't decide if I want to paint this friendly butterfly or let him stay like he I was typing I thought to myself, 'is the rust on his wings the same as the silver on my head?' lol  

Decision made, he stays like he is!!  I'll keep my silver and he can keep his rust.

I'm ready for full, lush plants,  green, green grass and porch sitting.

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