Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ancestors, We All Have Them

We will consider our earthy existence to have been wasted unless we can recall a loving family, a consistent investment in the lives of people, and an earnest attempt to serve the God who made us.

Some years ago I spent a period of time researching my family and Mr. D's family.  It was lots of fun and very interesting.  I was surprised at how I connected with these ancestors from the past.  During my research I came across this poem,  I think it's cute, maybe you'll think so too!

If you could see your ancestors
All standing in a row,
There might be some of them perhaps
You wouldn't care to know.
But here's another question
Which requires a different view -
If you could meet your ancestors
Would they be proud of you?

Check out this old guy..
That's my great grandfather, Uncle Billy, sitting on a stump with his rifle in hand.  
I can sure see a resemblance to my Daddy.
Until Next Time
Hope you have Happy Days!


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  1. Oh I love this poem! I may need to borrow this Miss Mary.
    hugs and blessings, Cindy


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