Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome to Our Home

Hello, come on in...
I got very busy today and didn't get a post ready ~ so I decided to go through my picture file and see what I could find to share.

Maybe you'll enjoy visiting our home!
I love family photos and have several areas in our home where they are on display.  It's so nice to walk by them during the day, makes me feel good.  I love having my family around me.
If you came for a visit you might sit here.


A silhouette of the dining area.  Mr. D and I really enjoy this big window.  There is a birdbath just outside and we often see birds playing and bathing in the water.

Ava loves to sit at my desk and color.
The back porch is just another room where we spend a lot of time. 
Until Next Time


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