Thursday, October 30, 2014

C'mon On In....

Let's chat.... 
Just hanging out at home enjoying the cool morning.
This little vignette is the first thing you'll see when you come thru my front door.  As you can see I love RED.

When we first looked at this house I fell in love with this big window.  After we moved in I quickly found out this window was going to be a problem.  It faces west and the afternoon sun floods my kitchen and makes it so hot.  We put up solar screens and they do help but they make the house too dark for my liking.  Oh well, you just learn to live with what you have.

Our previous coffee table was much too big for our smaller home. We searched high and low and couldn't find one small enough for our needs.  We were leaving a furniture store when Mr. D saw this little bench displayed with a small dining set.  He knew it would be perfect, they let us break up the set, and we brought home that day.
I love ivy!!  It's very rare that I don't have one growing.  This one is 7 years old, I have another growing that is a cutting from this one.  With ivy, if you cut a shoot off and put it water until you see roots growing, you can then put it in some good potting soil and you're good to go!

There's another cross stitch in the hoop!

I was visiting the blogs of other cross stitchers and they were saving thread clippings from their projects.  Some of them had a jar for each year...WoW.   This is my clippings jar.  I love the idea and it really looks pretty setting in my sewing/craft room.  For you frugal shoppers,  I found this jar at the Goodwill Store for only a dollar.  It's thick, heavy and won't be easy to break, which is good for me.

I don't share too many pictures of our dogbabies because they are so camera shy.   Very active little dogs until the camera comes out.  The little female, Bitsy, is a drama queen, she sits on her throne all day and tries to rule over Buddy.  Buddy, the little male, is a true hoodlum!  The little boy stays in trouble, but he's still our little sweetheart and we love him.
Hope you enjoyed your visit, would love for you to come again.
Until Next Time,
Rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord.


  1. Oh, Ms. Mary, I love posts like this. Your dogbabies are precious! Hope you have an awesome weekend. Did you hear we're getting snow? :)

  2. I loved seeing your home through your camera lens! I have that same "Bless This Home To All Who Enter Here" sign! Now who would have thought to save the little threads in a jar!!!??? I bet yarn would work, as well! What is done with the thread once the jar is full? I think I will do the same and then put the thread/yarn out for the birds, to build nests with, come Spring! Love your fur babies!

    Grace & Peace.


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