Saturday, November 22, 2014

Down the Street and Around the Block

I love sharing my hometown pictures with you.  I always think about where other people live.  Often other bloggers will mention things happening in their part of the world...makes my imagination go crazy!  :)

I will start by sharing what's close to my home, this is very close, it's right across the street.  Our neighbor will sometimes leave his trailer parked under the trees.  I guess most people just drive by and never notice things like this, but to me they make a pretty picture.

First let me say, I didn't take this picture!
This is our football stadium, sorry it's a little blurred.  I pulled it from the internet and had to enlarge it....made it a little blurry.  This is also very close to my home ~  so close we can hear the band practicing in the afternoons and the games on Friday night.  If the wind is right we can hear the announcer loud and clear!

We often drive by this old boat lift and pier.  Everytime we go by I think the next it will be in the water.  But the old thing hangs's even survived a few hurricanes.

When the sun is shining the roof of Bayshore Baptist Church shines too.  I love this view taken from the credit union parking lot ~ I always enjoy seeing that roof shine.  Sad news though, there's a new sub-division going up in that field.  I know the houses will block this pretty view. 

This is Tammy's (daughter #2)  Tranquility Garden.  I love to visit here, it's so pretty and cozy.  It's in a little alcove just outside her kitchen window.  Tammy has a beautiful home, I've been wanting to go get lots of pictures to share but she is a busy lady and will probably stay busy until after the holidays.  Oh well, something to look forward to!

White picked fences are so charming.  I would love to have one around my backyard but where I live a privacy fence is really the order of the day.  I've been thinking though.....maybe a little white picked fence around the back porch.  hmmmm....
This brick and wrought iron fence belongs to a home that's sits right beside the water.  The fence goes right down to the waters edge. 
Home you've enjoyed my town today, I loved showing you around.
Until Next Time,
Smile ~ God Loves You



  1. I so enjoy driving around with you! Maybe someday we can do that for real! :)

  2. What lovely pictures. Looks like a great place.

  3. Hi Mary, I did enjoy the tour very much. I love when other bloggers share their surroundings with me. The first home my husband and I owned was within walking distance of the stadium; my long time girlfriend's dad was the announcer and we could keep up with the score from our sofa!!! I would love a picket fence too. We have a small, level patio that would be easy to enclose - thanks for the idea! That would be affordable too!
    I am taking time off from posting while my foot is healing. I'll be by to visit and comment though. Have a blessed Sunday. Mildred

  4. I love reading through your blog and was so excited to see that you live in LaPorte as I live in Clear Lake. We are pretty much right down the road from each other. :). I'm a Jesus girl too and love the way your love for Him shines on your blog.
    I can't find a join button on your blog and really, really want to join! Please help me know where I can join. :)


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