Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Remember the Redbird

 “The red bird, or red cardinal, specifically, has become a symbol of beauty and warmth of the holiday season.  A glimpse of this brilliant bird brings cheer, hope and inspiration on a gray, wintry day.  As nature’s reminder for us to focus on our faith, the cardinal’s scarlet plumage represents the blood of Christ shed for the redemption of mankind.”
Remember the Redbird
If you were a redbird,
where would you go?
To the house on the corner
with the blanket of snow?
Or would you find the family
who needs a comforting sight,
Where hope is waning,
And they’re tired of the fight.
If you were a redbird,
 would you visit the home
Of the ill and the dying,
 of the ones who are alone?
If you were a redbird,
your beautiful scarlet plume
Could remind one
Of the sacrifice Christ made and that he rose from the tomb.
The truth is we can all be redbirds,
and can do it with great ease,
Because Jesus said whatever you do for me,
you do for the least of these,
You can visit the hopeless, the ill and the dying,
And take time for the ones who are alone. 
You can contact a long lost friend
by just picking up the phone.
So remember the redbird and its message of love,
And share it with someone this Christmas
For it’s hope from above.
Written by:
Lisa Burkhardt Worley

Today's Inspiration:
Pearls of Promise

Until Next Time
Come and Behold Him;
Born the King of Angels.


  1. My dear Mary, this was beautiful and precious! Thank you for sharing.

    May you have a blessed Christmas! Hugs to you!

  2. Beautiful!!! And, you know how I love the cardinals! HOPE you've had a great Wednesday, Ms. Mary!


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