Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cross Stitch to Bible Study

I haven't done any cross stitching lately.  The holidays were so busy I didn't even give my cross stitch a thought.  I have a box full of stitchings I finished last fall and was going thru them this morning. I found one I liked and decided to do something with it...but what?
When I finished this one last fall I had every intention of putting it in a pretty round frame.  When I looked at it this morning I thought no, that's not what I want to do.  Maybe a pillow, but I didn't really like that idea either.
I was in the mood to that's what I did...I made this extra long/wide mug rug. Or should I call it a mug mat?

I like the scripture and as the day went on I thought about it more and more. I started researching and found a speech/sermon given by Don Schultz for the graduating class of Lakeside Lutheran High School. (wherever that is!)
Do you know why Jesus said these words? The disciples were talking about how difficult it was for a sinful person to get to heaven. Jesus had just told them that it’s very difficult for anyone who loves money to go to heaven – it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for someone who loves money to go to heaven. When the disciples heard this, they were astonished. Everyone struggles with a love for money. Everyone struggles with sin. That’s why the disciples asked, “Who then, can be saved?” How can anyone get to heaven? We’re all so sinful, all the Just stop there and think about what Jesus is saying. It’s impossible for a sinful human being to go to heaven, based on their own good works, their own life. Maybe you’ve heard people say, “I’m just trying to be a good person, and then God will let me into heaven.” Jesus says, no – it doesn’t work that way. It’s impossible
  Each one of us was born with original sin. And as we grow up, we sin more and more every day. We can never be perfect. And that’s why Jesus said, “With man, this – going to heaven - is impossible.”

But then Jesus said, “With God, all things are possible.” All things. That includes getting a sinful person like you and me into a perfect heaven. Here’s a test question for you graduates – how does a sinful person get into a perfect heaven? By trusting in Jesus Christ, who died on a cross for you, who rose from the dead, and who lives and rules eternally

I love when God takes me on these unexpected journeys into His word.  What started as a day to sew led me to a day with God.
Ain't God good, oh yes He is.
(My friend Deb says that all the time, visit her HERE , she would love your visit!)
Until Next Time
 Everything is possible with God!
Matthew 19:26



  1. Oh your cross-stitching is beautiful. What a unique way to display it, too! Thanks for sharing the "journey" God took you it....and for thinking of me, my precious Friend. You're such a special lady!

  2. Could you also make a table runner from some of your work? I'd never thought of putting them together like you did. You do such pretty work.

  3. Amen Mary, that is awesome, do have a blessed day.


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