Friday, March 27, 2015

Heaven Came Down

A Devotion by:
Marilyn Meberg
Geronimo, the American Apache chief, said, "I want to live well.  I know I have to die sometime, but even if the heavens were to fall on me, I want to do what is right."
There is something touchingly admirable about the heart's desire expressed in that statement.  By the same token there is something hopelessly futile in wanting to live well, above reproach, always doing the right thing.  Why futile?  Because we can't do it.  No matter how well intentioned we are, we will on occasion fudge the truth, put ourselves first, respond jealously instead of generously, and hate instead of love.  That is, of course, the short list.
I want to do what is right too.  If I want to, why don't I?  It is that cursed thing called sin that throws everything out of balance.  Wanting to be a good person, trying in every way possible to do the right thing, is an admirable goal; but it is also an unattainable goal.
So what's the solution?  The solution is Jesus.  Jesus took on himself at the cross all the sin that separates us from God.  The Almighty's demand for perfection was met solely in  his sinless Son.  Our most sincere efforts could never be good enough.  God's grace allows us to live our life without guilt or condemnation.  Amazingly, in God's eyes, it is as if we didn't go off track, make mistakes, or fall short.  That's the miracle of grace.
The heavens did fall on us, Geronimo.  In a little town called Bethlehem.
There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.
Romans 8:1
Until Next Time
 Thank You, Father, that you see us through Jesus,
the ever-secure lens of complete forgiveness.


  1. Great post, Mary. Those of us who want to do good and do the right thing often don't. As long as we are human and living on this earth this will happen, as we are not perfect. The good news is that God and Christ are perfect and they give us the tools we need to do His will.

  2. I was lying in bed thinking about "hearts desire" this morning. That little grace! Awesome words of wisdom. Happy weekend!

  3. Thanks Mary, for reminding us today, it is by the grace of God that we can and are conquerers through Christ Jesus. I am reminded how much I need Him!


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