Thursday, March 5, 2015

March Winds

We are really having 'March Winds' in my part of the world.  Hopefully all this wind is blowing in springtime!

"The March wind roars
Like a lion in the sky,
And makes us shiver
As he passes by.
When winds are soft,
And the days are warm and clear,
Just like a gentle lamb,
Then spring is here."
  Author Unknown\

(Pictures taken from the internet)
Until Next Time
I'm holding on to my hat so it won't blow away!


  1. Love that word....spring! ;) HOPE you have a great weekend, Ms. Mary!

  2. We have something to look forward too! Spring; it can't arrive too soon. Hopefully, the wind will calm down for you. Take care and have a great day.

  3. With our biggest snow of the season having turned my landscapes white, I'm really looking forward to spring and lots of lovely green.

  4. Beautiful post, Mary. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope your weekend will be wonder filled. (and wonderful). :)


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