Sunday, March 8, 2015

Momma's Bible

I brought Momma's Bible home with me the day the Lord called her home.  I laid it on a shelf that day and I haven't touched it since.  But I knew it was there, calling me to sit down and take a look inside.  I will, some day.
Because today is cold and rain is falling, it's the perfect 'some day' to open Momma's Bible. The weather has made the house dark, yet it's warm and cozy, under the soft glow of my lamp I will enjoy what's between it's pages.  Only special things went in her Bible, the problem was, to Momma everything was special, everything was a 'keeper.'
She has it so full you can't even zip it closed anymore.  So many times when I would visit she would say, "I want to show you something."  And she would reach for her Bible because that's where she put everything that was important to her.
I found bookmarks, scripture cards, greeting cards, pictures, old letters, tracts, and recipes. Momma loved to cook and a very good cook she was ~ I know she missed being in the kitchen. It would be so nice to sit down at her table just one more time and enjoy one of her wonderful meals.
She also had return addresses in the pages of her Bible.  Anytime she received a card or letter she would tear off the return address, even if she already had that persons address, and in the Bible it would go!
We do funny things during life's journey.  I can think of few things my own kids will probably laugh about after I'm gone! 
I'll just save that for another time and another post.
See that program...Momma was Ms. Golden Years 2008!  Now that really was special!
She was Ms. San Jacinto Manor and then went on to be Ms. Golden Years 2008.
I was looking at her tiara the other day and I had the urge to put it I did...and I wore it around the house most of the day!!
It made my heart happy.
Until Next Time
I Remember Momma


  1. What a sweet post. Your mom seems like a very wonderful person.

  2. Dear Mary ... such a heartwarming post about your precious momma. Such lovely memories on a cosy inside kind of day. Thank you for sharing. Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

  3. Oh, my friend, this is such a precious tribute to your Momma. Bless her precious heart...and yours.

  4. What a sweet mamma you were blessed with Mary! I too have my Mother's bible and did a post on it last year. She also kept lots of things in it, I take it out and look through it from time to time but leave everything in it just like she left it.

  5. Aww... oh sweet. I so enjoy reading your post. Again, thanks for sharing. My mom puts everything in her Bible too... except for money. LOL Take care!

  6. Mary, this is such a lovely post I am teary eyed. I enjoyed seeing your mother's Bible and all the things in it, and your photos are lovely.

  7. What a treasure trove! She must have been a wonderful lady. I like her idea of keeping the addresses in the Bible, reminding us to pray for those who care about us. In fact, that ties into an assignment our Pastor gave us. We were to pray for those close to us, which we all tend to do, but then we were specifically supposed to tell them we had prayed for them, which we never do. It has been a blessing.

  8. Precious treasures from your Mama and God. I pray they bring a smile to your face every time you see them.


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