Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I love porches!! 
They are great places to entertain or to sit by yourself and enjoy a lazy afternoon. One of the things I truly miss during the winter months.
Even though our porch is very small it's big enough for Mr D and I to enjoy.  We don't entertain as much as we used to so our small porch fits us just fine.
A pretty porch is a wonderful place to spend time with God.  I love to sit on our porch and have conversations with Him.  The pot plants are always showing off His artwork as well as the blue sky and pretty white clouds.

It's nice to sit on the porch with someone special, whether family or friend, never say a word, and walk away feeling like you just shared the best conversation that you ever had.
Yes, it's time for Spring and porch sitting!!
(All photos in today's post were taken from the internet.)
Until Next Time
So happy Spring is almost here!



  1. Pretty porches.....I love 'em, too!

  2. Love your post today....I love porches too!

  3. Good morning to you! As a Southern girl, I love porches, too. You're right; it's where many wonderful memories take place. As a kid, we could be out there late at night because it was attached to the house and it made everyone feel better than if we were out in the yard.

  4. I love your porch! I do not sit on my front porch nearly as often as I want too. But I do love front porches too! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. I love porches and especially wrap around porches. I would love to sit and sip tea and have a talk with you!

    Hugs to you, Mary,!

  6. Loved these photos, especially the first one.

  7. These are lovely, Mary! I also love porches, and particularly the wrap-around and screened in ones. :)


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