Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Little Part of My Life

A wonderful thing has happened in my life!
It was by chance, (but we know it was by God), several ladies that have been friends forever, but out of touch, came together and had lunch!  We had so much fun, we prayed and laughed and reminisced for hours.  That was in January 2015.  We all went home vowing to meet again monthly.  Well, that monthly thing became too long and we started meeting each week and inviting more old friends to join us.  A reunion of ladies who have known each other for 30+ years,  bonding together again through the love of God.  Now included in our laughter and reminiscing is prayer, testimony and bible discussions.  Each of us have stated how much this has filled a longing in our hearts~ each of us needing the other in life's journey.
I love my GLOW sisters !
Jackie, Pat, Sandy and Zephra aka Zee!
Wish I had a picture but I don't at this time.  I promise one will be coming in the near future.
One thing we have started is a "Special Lady of the Day."  If you're this weeks 'special lady,' then you forward it on the next week to someone else.  It's a fun thing to do and let's each of us know we are special to each other and special to God.
So...This week I was the Special Lady!!
Everyone put such nice comments in the card I was given.  The little bookmark on the side was a gift given to each of us by Pat.
The message in the card made me feel very special.
Just wanted you to know the Lord brought you to mind.
"Every time I think of you ~ and I think of you often ~ I thank God.
I Corinthians 1:4 The Message
It was so sweet when I noticed the first 'I' had been marked through and 'we' had been written just above it.  Thank you ladies.
 BTW, did I happen to mention we all worked together at the best bank in town for years! 
We decided we needed a name and GLOW, God Loves Older Women, was born!
I love this from a little book I have titled
'The Friendship Garden.'
Perennial flowers come back year after year, true to form.  They burst into bloom and then disappear during fall and winter.  But we know these gorgeous flowers will be back, more stunning than before, and so we leave a space in our gardens just for them.
True friends are always there as well.  Like perennials, we may lose sight of them for a time, but we leave a space in our hearts just for them.  They will be back, and our times together will be sweet.....true to form and more delightful than ever!
I hope you enjoyed this little part of my life, I sure enjoyed sharing it with you.
Until Next Time
I'll be GLOWing for God!
Today I signed off with my full name because that's how I'm known to all my GLOW sisters!


  1. This just came up in my feed and I had to pop over and see what this G.L.O.W. is all about....and I LOVE it!!! Yes, He certainly does love us old(er) gals!!! So glad you and your "sisters" have reconnected and are getting together to fellowship. HOPE you have a great Friday and weekend, Ms. Mary....uh, Ms. Mary Jane!! ;-)

    1. Hi Deb...I just might have to make you an honorary GLOW sister. I've already told the ladies about our cyberspace friendship and they loved it! Week-ends almost here, hope you have a great one!! ((hugs))

  2. Oh dear sister I love you so and I'm so very blessed and happy that God brought us back together after all these years for such as time as this.

    Your G.L.O.W. Sister,

    1. WooHoo Zee, so glad you found your way through the cyberspace redtape to leave me a comment. Love Ya!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Kim! So glad you stopped by!

  4. What an awesome group to be a part of.

  5. An inspiration. You are hery lucky to have friends like that:)

  6. I love this, how great to spend time and fellowship with other christian friends!


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