Sunday, April 19, 2015


I was so surprised when an unexpected package came in the mail Saturday.  When I saw who it was from, I knew  it was going to be something very special! I couldn't wait to get it open!
This friend is a very special lady and we've never even met in person.  We 'blogged' into each other one day and a wonderful cyberspace friendship was born. 
Just from reading my blog she knew my kitchen colors and my love for coffee mugs and tea cups, so she made this beautiful tea towel just for me!
A little rick rack and a little ruffle, just the perfect finishing touch!
I am so blessed to have this special lady in my life.  She is a sweet Sister in Christ and her blog messages always touch my heart. Whether she's walking in the valley or standing on the mountain, her relationship with Christ is an inspiration to all who call her friend.
 Love the towel Deb, thank you so much.
Love Ya!
You can meet Deb by visiting her at
Until Next Time
Counting my blessings!


  1. This is so beautiful, Mary! I have made a few very good friends via blogging, and I am very grateful for them! Some of my fellow bloggers comment every single day on my blog and I cherish these people and the friendship I have with them. It just goes to show that even though you have never met a person face to face a very special and lasting friendship can form.

  2. Greetings from Ohio, my Friend!!! We're here safe and sound. Thank you for such a special post. So happy you like the little towel. You are a very special lady and I truly treasure your visits and especially all the encouragement you give. Love you....Deb!

  3. What a sweet surprise - such a beautiful "Tea towel"!

  4. Those are cute towels. I knew who they were from before I got to the end. Hope you two can meet some day.

  5. Dear Mary ... Such a lovely gift, such a precious tea towel, from a precious friend. Thank you for sharing. Hugs ♥ Teri


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