Saturday, June 27, 2015

Happy Saturday

Morning has broken and Mr. Coffee has spoken!
The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof...
It speaks of His greatness, it sings of His love,
and each day at dawning, I lift my heart high
and raise up my eyes to the infinite sky.
I watch the night vanish as a new day is born,
and I hear the birds sing on the wings of the morn.
I see the dew glisten in crystal-like splendor,
while God, with a touch that is gentle and tender,
wraps up the night and tucks it softly away,
and hangs out the sun to herald a new day.
And so I gave thanks and my heart kneels to pray,
"God, keep me and guide me and go with me today."
Be like the birds ~ sing after every storm!
This little ceramic goose has lived at my house for years.  He always makes me happy when I look him because I think he is so cute!  Not long ago Mr D and I went to Roseland Park in Baytown and to our surprise....there were geese gooses everywhere!
 They sure don't sing, but they sure do HONK..!!  They acted like they were as excited to see us as we were to see them!  And then the little stinkers started charging the car, I got my window up in a hurry!
 We decided they were looking for food.  I suppose most people who visit the park bring crackers or bread to feed them.  We had no idea they were there and had not a crumb with us!  
Honk ~ Honk ~ Honk
Feed Me !  Feed Me ! Feed Me !
We have a very quiet, stay at home week-end planned.  We'll water the plants and play with dogs, talk politics, praise God and try to stay cool.  It's so hot outside!
ps...Mr D will talk politics, I just listen and shake my head. 
Until Next Time
Hope you have a great week-end.
Don't forget to thank the Good Lord for another day.


  1. Funny, I do the same with my husband, shake my head when politics are discussed and with the current mess/situation, spitting nails is about close to how I feel. Sad, sad, sad.

    We have geese that fly over every so often, love the honk, honk, honk. Thanks for the smiles, Mary. Have a lovely Saturday. Blessings

  2. I loved your post today, Mary. It brought back memories of a place our daughter and son-in-law lived shortly after they were married. They lived close to the Chesapeake Bay and she made sure we took some bread with us to keep the geese from attacking. I guess when they stay in an area like that they get so accustomed to people feeding them that they just naturally assume that everyone has food! Glad you made it safely to the car!

  3. Oh Mary! Visits with you are always so refreshing, and I love what you have to share about the precious Lord! What a beautiful poem...and what sweet geese! My sister has had a goose attack her before, so while I think they're cute, I keep my distance - lol!
    Have a blessed weekend further, dearest Mary! Sending smiles your way!

  4. My day began at the funeral of a friend, so there was a lot of praising God and being thankful for this life and for the next one promised to us by our Lord.

    The geese made me chuckle. The museum, where I work, is located on Lake Morton, which is a bird sanctuary in our town. There are swans, geese, ducks and all kinds of waterfowl there all the time. There is a gaggle of geese that travels around and yesterday they were blocking my exit when I was on my way to the bank. I had to get out of my car and clap my hands and walk toward them to get them to move out of the way. I have to admit that there is a little fear involved because I know they can turn nasty real fast! I left my car door open to speed my escape if it was needed! If you close your eyes, you can probably picture the comedy of the moment!! Have a restful weekend!

  5. Happy Saturday to you, Mary! These are Chinese geese in your out with them! I have been attacked in the past by a male Chinese gander. Beautiful photos. :)

  6. Thy are so fun to watch, but have been known to peck you.

  7. Oh my Friend, yesterday got away from me so I'm just now seeing this. So funny about the geese! :) Sounds like a great outing with Mr. D!

  8. Just found your blog and I love it! You are so encouraging and uplifting! I love Jesus and I love all the scriptures you post! Thank you, Mary!

    1. Thank you Rachel. So glad you enjoyed your visit, please come again!


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