Friday, June 19, 2015


I had another post all ready for today, but I'm saving it for another time because I want to show you this ivy.  While porch sitting this afternoon I noticed how much fuller and greener it's gotten since put outside in the spring. I love the dark green of the leaves.
This ivy is 8 years old!  When it was purchased it was very small, so small I set it on my bathroom window sill.  It lived there for several years and grew very long runners, which were very pretty in the window.  As time went by it began to look unhealthy and the runners were keeping the top of the plant from being as full as I like.  I knew it was root bound and the runners had to go.
I replanted it in a larger pot with fresh soil, cut off all the runners and moved it to the bar between our family room and kitchen, where there is a window close enough to give it the sunshine it needed.  It started getting thick, growing bigger and bigger, soon it wasn't a little ivy anymore.  This past spring I decided to set it outside for a few weeks to get some fresh air and's fuller and prettier than ever and it's still outside!  As you can see I need to cut those runners, I don't like doing that, but if I want the fullness to stay on top it must be done.  
Read on and see what I do with my clippings...
This is a runner cut from that ivy.  It was put in a glass of water and put on the kitchen table where there's plenty of natural light. It was left in the water until roots began growing.   The water had to be changed a few times ~ once the roots were about an inch long I planted it in some good potting soil.  Looks like it's happy in it's new home, healthy, green and growing. 
To keep the top fuller I'll be trimming this one too!  Just going to enjoy that runner for a little while longer.
Colossians 2:7
rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving.

I've heard it said the ivy is so perennially green, that it symbolizes eternal life in Christ.

Until Next Time
Wishing you Happy and Blessed Days!


  1. 8 years old? It is lovely, Mary!

  2. It's beautiful. Your story kinda reminds me of how God has to "prune" us to help us grow in HIM!!! I have a plant like that, too, that was part of the flowers sent when my Mamaw passed away 4 years ago. I put it on the front porch this spring and it's growing like a "weed". I haven't trimmed off the runners, though....I just keep wrapping them around the pot. I really need to be a good gardener like you and take better care of it!

  3. Enjoy those cut off runners, each time you cut them back by rooting them, as Christ prunes us, we grow stronger!
    Enjoy the day my friend,

  4. Ivy is like that, it needs to be pruned and then snipped. Just like God has to prune us, smiles. Beautiful pictures Mary. Have a lovely Saturday. Blessings

  5. Love the ivy and you are right. It needs to be pruned once in a while. Great pictures. Have a great weekend!

  6. You sure did the right thing with your ivy plant because it is gorgeous! How great to have 'offspring' from it too! Beautiful!


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