Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Pretty Fan

My youngest daughter, Peggy, surprised me a few weeks ago with this beautiful fan.
It sure has come in handy on these hot afternoons.  Yes, I'm using it ~ I debated on that.  At first I thought I would just display it on my dresser, for sentimental reasons.  I treasure any gifts given to me by my kids, but she gave it to me to use so I will use it.  She keeps hers in her purse and whips it out anytime she feels the need!
Thank you Peggy!
 In Victorian times the way you used your fan sent a message!

The fan placed near the heart:
You have won my love.

Half-opened fan pressed to the lips:
You may kiss me.

Hiding the eyes behind an open fan:
I love you.

Opening and closing the fan several times:
You are cruel.

Fanning slowly:
I am married.

Fanning quickly:
I am engaged.

Twirling the fan in the left hand:
You are being watched.
Until Next Time
Thanking the Lord for Another Day


  1. Oh my...all it means today is hotflash!! LOL Actually, they seem to have turned the temps up on the AC at church the last few weeks, because it has been down right warm in church. We used to always take a sweater because it was too cold. No happy balance! Maybe I need to look for a fan!!

  2. I remember the day when there were fans in the back of the pews to use at church!!! Oh, my, am I telling my age, or what?!?!? ;-) I sure didn't know all those facts about fans, though. You're just a wealth of knowledge, my Friend! HOPE you have a great Wednesday.


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