Monday, August 24, 2015

Little Things Mean a Lot

For a baby's cry,
the chirp of a bird,
the giggle of a girl,
the familiar step of a friend on the porch,
for the noise of healthy children,
Thank You, Lord.
 For the fur of a kitten,
the softness of rain,
the stiffness of batter,
the plumpness of pillows,
the sure touch of my hand on another's,
Thank You, Lord.
For the incense of clean linen in the sunlight,
for cool waters on a hot day,
for the smells of a baby,
for the taste of a newly tried recipe,
Thank You, Lord. 
For children's growth, before our eyes,
for seasons changing colors,
bringing hopes,
for the sight of a new friend,
and beloved familiar faces,
Thank You, Lord.
By: Mary Ann Bohrs
Photos randomly taken from the internet.

Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;
Ephesians 5:20
Hope everyone had a Marvelous Monday and here's wishing you a Terrific Tuesday!
Until Next Time
Always thankful


  1. A very nice post and love the photos. Thank You Lord!

  2. How I've missed visiting with you, dearest Mary... Your beautiful post refreshed my heart this morning, thank you!
    And how sweet are these pictures!
    A blessed and joyous day to you and oh so much love...always!

  3. Such sweet graphics! :) So very happy you've stayed, my Friend. Happy Tuesday to you.

  4. Love the post and graphics are sooo cute. I also am glad you stayed because you are such a joy. Hugs, LJ

  5. Great post and love the poem and pictures.

  6. You are definitely an inspiration for so many, and also a very talented artist! Your words and the graphics you choose to use are such a blessing. Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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