Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mayhaw Jelly

The phone rang the other morning and it was our grandson Matt, wanting to know if we were up.  Yep, we were, so he proceeded to tell me he was coming over because he and Kaylea, (his very special friend) had a gift for me.  Really?  A gift?  hmmmm....my mind went into full 'think' mode.  What in the world do those young people have for me.  Oh, I love surprises!
I waited and I waited and I waited for them to arrive.  I guess I made that sound like a long time, it really wasn't....my excitement made it seem like a long time.  Ding-Dong, they're here!  I opened the door and after quick hugs they gave me a jar of ....
Mayhaw Jelly
....made by Kaylea's grandmother.  Oh happy day.  Have I mentioned that I love mayhaw jelly?  Have I mentioned that you can't buy it at Krogers?  Have I mentioned that mayhaws grow in Texas but not my part of Texas? 
So yummy!
Thank you Matt and Kaylea!
Isn't the lid pretty?  I enjoy looking at it while I gobble up my mayhaw covered toast.
Some of you might not know what a mayhaw is...it's a berry that grows in the southeast.
The mayhaw is a fruit about 1/2" to 1" in diameter. Ripe from mid-April through early May, its fruit color varies from bright red to reddish yellow. It is not a desirable berry for eating raw.
The mayhaw is a Hawthorne native to the southeastern states that is normally a 20 - 30 foot tree at maturity. Usually found in low, wet, slightly acid areas, mayhaws produce best on good upland soils in full sun.
They aren't good to eat raw, but they make the best jelly!
Thanking the Good Lord for another Day.
His mercy endures forever!
Until Next Time


  1. What a wonderful gift! I know what that is, but never had it. Thank you for sharing.... have a lovely Tuesday. Blessings

  2. We were introduced to Mayhaw Jelly at my sister's house, up in Georgia. We love it too, and we can buy it down here, now and then. Yum!!

  3. Have never heard of these berries, but I think I've seen them around and didn't know what they were.

  4. Oh, how sweet of your grandson and his friend!!! Would you believe I've never heard of mayhaws?!?!? I'm gonna be on the lookout for that jelly now! ;-) HOPE you've had a great day....I've been surrounded by kiddos this week (and big kiddos)....I'm tired and it's ONLY Tuesday! LOL


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