Monday, September 7, 2015

Days Gone Past

Feeling meloncholy today.  Don't know why, it just happens sometimes.
The home where our children grew up, we lived here for 35 years.  A happy time that made happy memories.
"Days Gone Past"
I think often of the days gone past
Deep in my memory where I know they will last.

Our four children around 1975

I lift up my face to the suns golden rays.
My memories they still stay.
With a light happy step and a big wide smile,
Let’s sit, let’s talk for a long, long while.

This picture was taken sometime around 1998.  We loved our swing, spent a lot of time just a swangin.'
My memories are wonderful of days gone past.
Lets sit I’ll share them with you at last.

Author: Cindy Jorgenson

The grandkids, so long ago.  These little ones are all grown up now. They're sitting on the edge of the deck, they loved Granny and Paw's backyard.  Another grandson came along after this picture was made.
 This picture was taken on Christmas Eve.  It was such a treat because we never have snow at Christmas in southeast Texas!
I'm such a sentimental person.  The Lord has blessed me with a good life and I love looking back over the years.  Even though it can make me very melancholy!
Thank you for walking down memory lane with me!
Until Next Time


  1. It's good to remember those days and see how God has blessed us. You had a lovely home.

  2. "The Lord has blessed me with a good life"

    Amen. This is the good life!

  3. You truly are blessed....such precious memories! HOPE you're doing well, my Friend!

  4. A beautiful home and a heart full of precious memories! Thanks for sharing your walk down memory lane with us!!

  5. Oh Miss Mary...I have enjoyed your memories with you this morning. I am in one of those moods as well and here I have found myself just wanting to cry! Glad you can't see me! I CRY SO UGLY! Thanks for sharing such sweet moments. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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