Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Going For a Ride in a Spaceship!

Not much time for a post today!  I'm going to have an MRI ~  boo hiss ~ I don't want to go!  They don't hurt, I just feel like I'm on a space ship and I'm always anxious to get out of that thing to see where I've landed.

I'm okay, just a test the doctor ordered...you know how those doctors are.  :-)

Since time is an issue, I'm going to share a tag I did some time ago, I think it's a wonderful reminder of the season we're entering.  Wonderful times with family and friends.

As the season becomes busier and busier, don't forget to stop and give thanks to the One who provides all our needs.  Remember to invite Him to your gatherings with family and friends, He would love to share these times with you.

I love this quote from my dear facebook friend:

We don't need to see the way if we are following the One who is the Way!
(John 14:6)
 Pastor Bob

Until Next Time
Blast Off !!!


  1. Prayers for you, Ms. Mary. I don't like confined spaces. :(

  2. Oh, I love that quote from Pastor Bob!! Keeping you in my prayers, Mary. I will ask that you return the same for me. I will be getting one of those MRIs on Thursday morning! Let's hope we both get negative results and told we have no worries!

  3. Prayers everything is AOK Mary. Liked the analogy about the space ship. I am very claustrophobic so I really freak out when I am in those things. I close my eyes and say Hail Mary's and before I know it it is over....Hugs, LJ

  4. Love Pastor Bob's quote Miss Mary! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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