Saturday, December 26, 2015

Blue Christmas

It came
It went

At least according to the calendar.

Christmas came over 2000 years ago and it has never left!

comes to our heart
and stays in our heart
when we receive Jesus as Savior

Forever and Always

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with Family and Friends!

We had a good Christmas,
very quiet,
very lonely.

Because we had our family Christmas Party last week-end, it was just Mr D and I on Christmas Day.
I found myself in a very blue mood. 

I sat with Christmas memories of the past.
My heart could hear the Christmas sounds of my children ~ oh how I miss those Christmas sounds of long ago!

This was my first Christmas without Mother...
I always went to see her on Christmas,
or when miles apart I always called her....
Merry Christmas Momma!

The Lord also took home two sister in laws this past year, my heart was feeling the pain of their family.

Melancholy: from Merriam-Webster

Simple Definition of melancholy....a sad mood or feeling.

Melancholy, yes I am, can you tell?

Good News!
Mr D and I went out to eat...yes we did.....had to do a little driving to find something open!
We had a nice meal then came home and enjoyed the last pieces of a pumpkin cake and a fresh cup of coffee.  The house was warm and cozy, the Christmas lights giving the room a pretty glow.
Very Nice

So here it is Saturday after Christmas!
Having my first cup of coffee, the melancholy has left and I'm ready to get moving.  What do I want to do on this glorious day?

Think I'll take down the Christmas and do a little house cleaning.

Yes, I take down Christmas before New Year's Eve!
Lot of you don't I'm sure, but I always have..

Or...maybe I'll go to Hobby Lobby!!

Whatever you do today, enjoy every minute!
Make a memory!

Until Next Time

Now therefore, our God, we thank You and praise Your glorious name.
1 Chronicles 29:13


  1. I understand what your saying (for diff. reasons) husbands family live less than a mile away and no visits, no phone calls. It was just us three (hubby and son). I remember Christmas's ago where the hustle and parents and brothers live in Florida and they get to enjoy their grandkids and Christmas's with each other.

    We took our real tree down--it was starting to look like a Charlie Brown tree and we also cleaned up, put all the inside stuff, Christmas dishes away, the outside lights will stay up until next Friday.

    Many New Year Blessings to you, Mary. (no Hobby Lobby here unless one wants to travel an hour away, wink---I would love to go with you, smiles)

  2. Merry Christmas!

    Seems like years ago families were all together, so Grandma and Grandpa would be there. Of course, family togetherness can be a good thing...and sometimes not. ;-)

  3. I had a house full and still felt/feel the sadness here and there. I think being older, knowing the little ones are growing so fast, and we probably wont be here to see them grown....if I let myself think about things like that, I get melancholy too. I got up after all left, and started putting away, taking down, and clean up! Almost done for another year.

  4. I try to keep the reason for the season in mind and not think too hard about those who are gone and those who couldn't be with us for whatever reason. We won't take things down until this coming weekend, since we are heading out again on Monday for a few days.

  5. So many take their trees down on Christmas Day, or the day after. I have in the past, but I'm enjoying the lights way too much this year. It'll get done...probably not until next week, though, because I'll have the grands Monday and Wednesday!!! Maybe I'll just keep it up and decorate it for the seasons....LOL So glad you're in a better mood, sweet Lady. I can understand why you were a bit sad. My Momma is having some episodes of dementia and it hurts my heart, especially when she tells me herself that she notices she can't remember. :( I try to take things one day at a time and not dwell on "what if". Love you, sweet Lady!

  6. So sorry to hear that blue crept into your Christmas - hopefully the New Year will blow in and sweep that away for good! Happy New Year, Mary.


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