Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Pea~s Two

You make the world a better place!
Yes you do!

Today's Pea
When you have faith in one person, it changes a life. 
When you have faith in yourself, it changes you. 
When you have faith in God, it changes the world.

Faith is the key to God's power!

This scripture has always left me in awe!
Can you just imagine this?
A mustard seed is very, very small.

We just think we have a lot of faith don't we?

Tiny little seed...and yet that much faith can move mountains!

When I was a teen-ager (long ago and far away) wearing mustard seed pendants was very popular.
I haven't thought of them in years, I love them and now I think I might just go shopping and see if they even make them anymore.  It's been so long since I've seen one.

What is faith?
It's made up of three things..




Charles Spurgeon
All of Grace

Until Next Time
Knowledge, Belief, Trust!
Got it!


  1. Mary, I had one of those mustard seed pendants too. I often remember that verse that says "without faith, it is impossible to please God." Thank you for your post today.

  2. I had one, too!!! You can tell the ages of us blogging friends!! LOL I love your little froggie, too. FROG...Fully Rely On God!!! ;-) Happy Saturday, Friend.

  3. Great quotes. If you find a necklace, let us know.

  4. I like that 3 part reminder - it's the trust part of those three that gets tricky for me.


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