Monday, May 2, 2016

Another Monday~ Another Coffee Chat

Monday Morning, drinking coffee from one of my favorite mugs!

We have had so much rain lately.  So many families out of their homes because of flooding in the Houston area.  So thankful that my little town managed to get by with minor street flooding.  More rain in the forecast and the ground is saturated, won't take much for more flooding.  I pray the Good Lord will hold back the rain until we can recover. 

I thought this was so cute,
she's having her Monday Morning Coffee!
I found this on facebook page..
'Grab your coffee...I want to show you something funny.'

I've got two lunch dates this week!
Wednesday with the GLOW ladies
Thursday with a friend from Second Baptist Church!
Looking forward to both!

Hard to believe it's May.
Time is flying and I'm having a hard time keeping up.
From facebook page ~ Love and Blessings

My bucket list for this week:

Count my many blessings, everyday!
Be kind to those around me.
Let go of what I can't control (very hard for me) an let God!
Listen to my heart, because the Holy Spirit lives there.

I was sitting at the table the other day, when a blue jay decided to bathe in the birdbath just outside the window.  He splashed and fluttered his wings, he was having such a good time.  He would come out and sit on the rim for a while then back in the water he would go. I loved watching him, I hope he comes back again.

The sights and sounds of renewal and new life are springing up around us!  It's a season of rebirth, the trees  are budding, the flowers are blooming and the birds are returning.  God's creation is full of wonders, and in the season of spring they're easy to spot!
Thank You Lord for all creation.

I love this house, a dream home for me!
Another picture from facebook..
'If The World had a Front Porch'.

Until Next Time
Enjoy your coffee
and remember,
God is Love and Love comes from Him!


  1. Love that page on FB "If the World had a front Porch"!
    Your bucket list got my attention! I need to do the same!
    Have a blessed Day, Mary~

  2. I love front porches and really miss having one. That house and porch are just perfect! Enjoy your two lunch dates this week!! Can't wait to hear about them!

  3. I'm so behind on visiting and even commenting on Facebook. My's just too full some days....too much to do, too little time. Maybe I'll get caught up this week....even my laundry has been neglected. Not sure what's going on with me these days....oh, yeah...I'm getting OLD!!! LOL HOPE you've had a good Monday, my Friend.


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