Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Pea~s #15

Imprint the Circle of Faith in your heart and in your mind.  Let it carry you through times of triumph and trouble.

With an open heart, receive love.
Have patience during times of great waiting.
Trust when it is time to let go.
Have mercy for others and yourself.
Allow glimmers of hope to shine within.
Forgive wholeheartedly.
Let acceptance be your path to grace.
And let in a friend.

Until Next Time

Pea Bug and I wish you a great day!


  1. Such great advice from a wise Friend. Hope your Saturday is full of blessings.

  2. I love your new look here, I always do when you change things up. I have a big thing about patience, I have next to zero, sigh. Great advice, Mary. Have a beautiful Saturday.

  3. Great words, Mary. Thank you.

  4. Good advice! Have a blessed day, my friend!


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