Saturday, August 27, 2016

National Dog Day

It's 10:30 Friday night, I've been trying find something to post for several hours.  I've just been blank.  Just as I was about to give it up one of my GLOW sisters posted a picture of her dogbaby on facebook.  Today is National Dog Day and everyone has been posting pictures of their precious dogbaby's.

It was that last picture on facebook that gave me a great idea for today's post. 

Dog lovers are a 'breed' of their own....our sweet dogbaby's are part of our family, just like a child.

Today I'm sharing pictures of the GLOW dogs!

This is Rascal, he belongs to Beverly!

This is Tucker, he belongs to Linda.
This picture should be a postcard.  He's so handsome!

This is Jet, he also belongs to Linda.

Hi Rufus!  Rufus belongs to Mary, not me, another Mary.

Bitsy and Buddy are my dogbaby's.

This is Coco, she looks like she's smiling.  Coco belongs to Zephra.

This is Moses, he also belongs to Zephra.

I am truly blessed by the friendship of these ladies.

Until Next Time


  1. What a great post! Loved all the photos you shared. Have a beautiful day friend.

  2. Love these!

    I am imagining Linda is one of those people in the grocery store who buy that 50 pound bag of dog food that fills up the whole cart? Hahah...

  3. Is having a dogbaby a requirement for belonging to GLOW? (smiling) The pups are all gorgeous as are your friends!! Great post!

  4. What a darling post Mary. Love all the dogs.

  5. All the doggie photo's are so cute Mary. Yes, our fur babies are just like children,aren't they! Friends are God's blessings. Hope you are enjoying your day!


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