Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee Chat

I'm sitting at my kitchen table, the coffee is brewing and it smells so good.  C'mon over!!

Our local Kroger store has started online shopping!  I haven't tried it yet but I plan too.  They don't deliver, from what I understand it's curbside pay and pickup.  The first three times are free, after that there is a minimal charge.

I had a wonderful visit with my granddaughter and great granddaughters Saturday morning.  They were so sweet, when I opened the door all three of them smiling and bringing me these gorgeous flowers and lots of hugs!

In the news....
One of the movie theaters where I go, is infested with bed bugs!!  I would never have thought that could happen, it will be a while before I go to a movie!

Coffee Trivia....
In Africa coffee beans are soaked in water mixed with spices and served as candy to chew.
That sounds so yukky to me!

From our GLOW study, The Circle Maker....
One of the reasons that many people don't feel an intimacy with God is because they don't have a daily rhythm with God; they have a weekly rhythm.  We need to establish a daily rhythm in order to have a daily relationship with God.  The best way to do that is to begin the day in prayer.

Until Next Time

God is good, All the time!


  1. Good Morning...thank you for the smiles Mary. And no thanks on that coffee candy, lol. Have a beautiful day friend.

  2. I'm enjoying a cup of coffee with you, Mary! My niece is using Walmart's online shopping and picks up at the curb. So far, she says it is great. Nice that your Kroger offers this service. Your flowers are so colorful and I know you enjoyed your sweet visitors. Blessings to you!

  3. Sweet grands you have, flowers is always good! God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. You are so blessed.
    Have a wonderful day my sweet friend.

  4. I'm sure those dear faces at your door meant so much more than the pretty flowers, but how lovely that they brought you both the flowers and the gift of their smiles! Blessings indeed! We don't have Krogers down here, but that is where I shopped when I lived in Ohio. Please let us know how the shopping goes!

  5. Oh what a wonderful treasure to have those sweet granddaughters. You are blessed indeed. I will be curious to hear how it goes. I have considered doing that myself with Kroger's offer. Maybe I just will give it a try. Sam's Club offers click and pull, which we do use because we usually buy 8 cases of water and we don't have to load them up ourselves. That is a very good deal. They also gather up everything else we order online and it is there waiting for us. When we arrive at the club, they pull the cold items.
    I think I have seen chocolate covered coffee beans and maybe even eaten one or two.

  6. Precious grand girls. Such pretty flowers. I think Walmart has the online shopping and pick-up. I've tried dark chocolate covered coffee beans. They're really good! Happy Monday!

  7. Glad you are doing well. Loved that from your glow study.

  8. I just saw that book - "The Circle Maker" last night on amazon. I'll have to check it out again. I don't think I'd like that coffee candy either. Bed bugs! I can see how they could nestle themselves in fabric in theater seats. Yuck! I hope you are having a wonderful day.


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