Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hello October

Once The Leaves Fall Down

The hills dripped in bursts of sunset
Leaves turn a faint pumpkin shade
Summer slowly being drenched in fall
The chilly days start their invade

Abandoned roads that lead the way
Layered with the tears of a thousand trees
The animals make their way into the valleys
Protected from Octobers icy breeze

The smell of pumpkins sails through the air
Their carved faces displayed for all to see
The children run through the fields
Unaware of direction, unsure of where to be

After the sun sinks under the sky
The earth turns a reddish brown
October time has come around
But everything changes after the leaves fall down

-Nathan Zech

I'm so glad October is finally here!
Until Next Time


  1. Hi Mary, Oh, I love this time of the year! Beautiful poem. Wishing you an enjoyable day.

  2. It has been feeling like October here for several days--crisp and rainy here in western NY. (AND I am not complaining, smiles.) Have a beautiful weekend.

  3. So glad to see October! My favorite season of the year is here. Have a great day.

  4. It is a beautiful time of the year. It's been really cool in the early mornings here in Georgia, I love it!!
    Have a blessed weekend, Mary!

  5. This is so beautiful!

    Blessings, Mary.

  6. A beautiful poem and I love your background. It is still summer here, though.

  7. I love autumn and October. What a wonderful poem for the fall. The blog looks so pretty decked out for fall.

  8. Beautiful!!! Sorry I'm late in visiting...time gets completely away from me. :(


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