Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee Chat

Hard to believe how fast we're rushing into the holidays.  My wonderful GLOW group has got something special almost every week from now until Christmas!!  It's really getting busy around here.  I'm having trouble realizing it's this time of year when our high temps are breaking records.  The good thing, the humidity is almost gone, the early mornings are cool, and the wind has an autumn feel.

Mr. D and I got our vote in this past week.  It felt so good to get that done.  Praying to God that the right person heart is heavy for our country.

My youngest daughter, Peggy, taught a class last Sunday at her church about Sharing Your Faith. My friend Zephra and I went and enjoyed it so much we've asked Peggy to downsize it a little and come share it with GLOW.  I'm very happy to say she'll be speaking to us on November 9th.  It's going to be a fun meeting, wish you were here to be with us !

Fall Trivia
If September means seven in Latin, why is it the 9th month of the year?
When it was named by the Romans, the calendar started in March so September was the 7th month of the year. When Julius Caesar created the Julian calendar, the first month was changed to January

What is an Indian summer? 
Heat waves which occur in the late fall

So....that's what's happening!!  We're in an Indian Summer!!

This Day In History
October 31, 1941 - Mount Rushmore National Memorial was completed after 14 years of work. The memorial contains 60-foot-tall sculptures of the heads of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt - representing America's founding, political philosophy, preservation, and expansion and conservation.

Did You Know?
Mocha Java Coffee: One the largest misconception in the U.S. today about coffee is that Mocha Java coffee is a chocolaty beverage. In fact there is no chocolate in the Mocha or Java bean at all. Mocha is the name of the largest port in Yemen, here is where all of the African coffee beans are traded and transported. Java is the name of an island in Indonesia where the Java Bean comes from. Both coffees are a dark bean and provide a very rich and bold coffee, when you mix the two together you get Mocha Java coffee.
My mother holding Ava 2009
Happy Birthday to my momma in heaven!!
10-31-1914    2-23-2015

Today we say good-bye to October and tomorrow we'll say hello to November!
Time marches on....

"While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, And cold and heat, And summer and winter, And day and night Shall not cease.
Genesis 8:22

Until Next Time


  1. Love that sign! Yes, the lamb is what we need.

  2. Awwww to both of those beautiful ladies. Your daughter and your Peggy. That was interesting about September and mocha. We are having an Indian Hot!! I do have to admit at least the morning is a little cooler.

  3. Lovely family photos. Your daughter is so pretty!
    I am in love with the photo of the autumn crow and the cup of coffee. The autumn picture seems to be cross stitch. Did you make it? I think it's wonderful.
    It got very warm here yesterday but we are back with a chilly day today.

    1. Annie, I did that cross stitch a few years ago!!

  4. It has been HOT here in GA and it is difficult to think about Thanksgiving! Your daughter is lovely. How wonderful that she can speak to your group. That's a precious picture of your dear mother too. Mine and Karen's dad passed away on 10/31 eighteen years ago. Our little 7 yr old neighbor, dressed as Minnie Mouse, came trick or treating earlier. So fun to see her excited!

  5. Hi sweet Mary! It's always a blessing to stop in and say hi :) I so enjoyed your post and the little bit about September meaning seven :)

    Wishing you a joyous week. Hugs!


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