Tuesday, January 10, 2017

God Created the Rose

God created the rose in the likeness of a woman
Yes He did!! 

The rose represents beauty, the stem represents strength. 

The pedals are soft as skin, the fragrance pure and sweet. 

The leaves represent arms outstretched, always loving, always giving. 

Each time you look at a  rose remember.....God made you special.

Until Next Time


  1. Good Morning, dear Mary. How beautiful!
    I hope you enjoy the day.

  2. Beautiful, just like you, friend. smiles

  3. Your header is beautiful, Mary! That was the theme for Sunday's message at church...serving one another in love. God certainly gives us plenty of opportunities to do that, doesn't He?

    This is a beautiful poem that you've posted today. I'll think of it each time I see a rose.

  4. Love the poem! Enjoy the day, hope it is warm there in Texas!

  5. I love this! And your new header is lovely. Thank you.

  6. Love it!! I wonder about those thorns... don't mess with a momma or her cubs!! :)

  7. No wonder I love roses so much! This was good...I have never heard this before. Thank you for sharing it. I always learn something new and wonderful here.

  8. How sweet this is....but, I'm pretty sure I'm a thorn! 😊

  9. Oh I love this Miss Mary! I must say when I read Deb's remark it gave me a good little chuckle! I know I am a thorn but praise His Holy Name that He looks at me like a ROSE! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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