Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tea on Tuesday

I've always wondered...what is 'Hight Tea?'

I asked Mr. Yahoo and here's what he said...

               Traditionally "High Tea" is served in the late afternoon and consists of tea or different teas and finger foods or possibly a dinner.

Personally, I can drink tea anytime ~ morning, noon, or night.

Tea for you and tea for me, will make us happy as can be!

My copper kettle
whistles merrily
and signals that
it is time for tea.

The fine china cups
are filled with the brew.
There's lemon and sugar
and sweet cream, too.

But, best of all
there's friendship, between you and me.
As we lovingly share
our afternoon tea.
~Marianna Arolin

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the
hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.
Henry James

Until Next Time,
As soon as I have my coffee, we will have a cup of tea!!



  1. A beautiful post. Tea is always a wonderful thing when served in such pretty tea pots and tea cups.

  2. Good Morning! I have many pretty tea pots and cups but I confess I love a big mug of coffee in the morning! Do you have a favorite blend of tea?

  3. We grew up having 'high tea' when we got home from school. It is traditionally a bit more than a polite afternoon teas and often included something like ham and salad as well as all the usual things. We were always hungry at that time of day!

  4. {{{big smiles}}--what a lovely post, Mary and I really like your new look here. smiles

  5. So good to see that you do drink tea,at times, Mary, I enjoy it each day and yes, after I've had my morning coffee!

  6. I enjoy tea and in a pretty cup, with a friend, nothing better. Enjoy your day my friend.

  7. Oh, mercy, I just adore the little tea cups filled with good things on the bottom!!! I'd love to join you for some tea....make mine iced, please! ;-) Happy Tuesday, sweet Friend.

  8. I start my day with one cup of decaf coffee and then it is on to tea for the rest of my day and into the evening. Making it in a tea pot and serving it in a special tea cup or mug makes it all the more special. Add a treat and you have a most special time of day.

  9. I enjoy all things tea related...including tea parties! It is such a wonderful way to relax. Add a good book and I'm set!

  10. I drink coffee in the morning and will sometimes have tea in the evening. I always have English Breakfast or Earl Grey in the kitchen! A tea party would be fun!

  11. I have coffee in the morning and sometimes tea in the afternoon. Most books I've read that describe what they serve at high tea each afternoon always causes me to wonder why they would eat so much before dinner. I would like to experience a high tea someday.

  12. Like so many others I have coffee in the morning then after that it's Earl Grey tea for me!!

  13. I am happy to hear that you do like tea as well as coffee! I have my hot tea in the morning, and then sometimes another cup in the mid afternoon. It is a way for me to sit and relax and look at a book or watch the birds or just sit and rest. It's always more pleasant with a friend...but I still enjoy it even if I am alone. God is always with me.

  14. BTW, I love the picture of the old green house with the quilt sign in the yard. That looks so homey and quaint. Reminds me of my husband's grandmother's house, except hers was pink. Yes. pink. In Florida that's normal sort of. LOL.

  15. Love the tea post. I love a cup of hot tea though I do not have a cup of hot tea daily. I LOVE coffee though! Being a southern girl raised up on sweet tea that has always been the drink to go to for sure. I can remember when my girls was at home that it was nothing for us to go through a gallon of sweet tea daily. A few years ago we started cutting back on things a tad and I mean a TAD but a tad is better nothing, right?. One of those luxuries was sweet tea. No, Sunday is the big sweet tea day at my house as my family eats with me every Sunday after church. I usually make sweet tea one other day through the week and we mainly drink water with our meals now. But every now and then, especially when I am really digging in the Word of God at night, I do love a cup of hot tea! Have a great day Miss Mary. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. Good morning, lovely Mary! Ah, what a delightful way to start my day :) I love coffee in the morning, but thoroughly enjoy tea in the afternoon and after supper. How I would love to join you for a cup of tea.

    Hugs and blessings!


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