Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee Chat

Here it is Monday once again, time for a little chat and a big cup of coffee!

The Cup

The 23rd Psalm may be the most beautiful of all chapters in the Bible because it gives an accurate description of the Great Shepherd’s protection, provisions, and praises. David writes “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows” (23:5) so the question is; what does the “cup” represent? In the context of this verse and chapter, it speaks about God’s provisions and blessings. The cup is our normal portion in life that God gives each man and woman as He pleases. This psalm made sense to the Jews because when thpey received a guest, they would intentionally overfill the cup and allow it to run over and by doing this, the guest would know that they’re welcome to stay as long as they want. The psalmist says that God has prepared the table for him (and us) us, He anointed us with oil (representative of the Holy Spirit), and has provided all that we will ever need, even in our times of need. Our cup is not half empty…it is overflowing.

Our little Emma is Miss Personality Plus!!  She is a constant source of entertainment.

Her Momma posted on facebook.....

Ever since we got cable, Emma randomly says "each sold separately"
She even says it in the voice like the commercials! its soo freaking funny!

We're beginning a new study in GLOW this week.  We went online and found a 'free' four part series on Ruth.  I think it'll be a good study and I like it because it's only has four parts.  (because there is only four chapters) When we studied the Circle Maker last year it took almost the whole year for us to get through it.  We got to the point where we thought is was dragging or maybe we were dragging!....but it was a great study and I was so glad when it was over.

What about Ruth?
The book of Ruth helps to show us that God allows our lives to taste bitter.  But he doesn't do that to tear us down, but to build people of character.  And to allow us to experience the depth of His love in a more fantastic way.

Just for Laughs
A little girl, dresses in her "Sunday best" was late and running to her Sunday school class. As she ran, she prayed, "Dear God, please don't let me be late. Dear God, please don't let me be late." Then she fell.

She got up, dusted her self off and saw that her dress was now dirty and had a little tear. She started running again, still praying, "Dear God, please don't let me be late." But this time she added, "But please don't push me, either!"


  1. Good Morning, Your little Miss Emma is cute as can be. How funny that she can sound like the commercials! lol I hope your weather is pleasant this week and that you will enjoy your new study of Ruth with the GLOW group. Thanks for the smiles at the end of your post, too! xo

  2. The book of Ruth is a good love story, you should enjoy it.
    LoL I heard the one about the little girl but it always makes me smile when I hear it again. Your little Emma made me smile also!

  3. LOved your Monday morning chat Mary. Your sweet Emma is adorable and thanks for brightening my day with the little girl praying to The Lord. Gave me my morning chuckle.

  4. Enjoyed our coffee chat. The running little girl story is so cute. I think that Ruth is a fascinating book and I'm sure that your Bible study will be great. I think I enjoy those that run for shorter periods of time like one or two months. I didn't know about the overflowing cup. How awesome that our cup runneth over!

  5. That sweet girl is precious Miss Mary. We are finishing up the study of Ruth in Sunday school and I just love that book. So much meat in those 4 little chapters. Loving your coffee cup. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. That looks like a very big cup of coffee!
    Psalm 23 has always been a great part of my life through good and bad times.I love it set to music.

  7. Love the little story at the end. We're studying Ruth in SONday school.... just started yesterday. Great post!

  8. What a blessing to read here. I enjoyed the things you shared about Psalm 23...and about how the Jews would over pour when filling a cup to let the person know they were willing to stay long! That was so interesting to me. I love things like that.

    That Miss Emma is such a cutie pie. I know she must bring you so much joy!

    I just finished a Bible study on the book of Ruth. It was something that I had ordered for myself from Grace to You. I learned so much from the study. I know you and the GLOW ladies will enjoy doing a study on it also.

  9. What a cute little one Miss Emma is and I know you enjoy being with her. I love the book of Ruth and think you will enjoy studying it too. I am late getting here today, so hope your day has been a good one.


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