Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday's Q&A

I'll often join in on these fun little games from facebook.  Sometimes they're silly but they're always  fun.

Tattoos... No
Marriages... One
Children... Yes, I have 3 girls and 1 boy.
Surgeries... Yes
Shot a gun... Yes
Quit a job... Yes
Fallen in Love... Yes
Flown on a plane... Yes
500+ miles in a car... Yes, we drove from Texas to Canada.
Gone zip lining... No
Gone Skydiving... No
Skipped school... Yes, long ago and far away.
Watched someone give birth... Yes
Watched an animal give birth... Yes
Watched someone die... Yes
Seen someone killed... No
Ridden in an ambulance... No
Been to Hawaii.. No
Been to East Asia... No
Been to Europe... No
Been to Washington D.C...No
Visited Florida... No
Visited Mexico... Yes
Visited Texas... Native Texan
Visited Las Vegas...No
Had a dog or cat... Yes
Gone downhill skiing... No
Rode on a motorcycle...
Yes, and it's not my favorite thing to do.
Rode a horse... Yes
Stayed in a hospital... Yes
Donated blood...
No, health issues have always kept me from giving.
Driven a stick shift... Yes
Rode a train... Yes
Played an instrument... Yes, piano and not very well.
Sang in a Choir... Yes
Rode the subway... No
Been on a cruise... No
Been to the Statue of Liberty... No
Been to the Golden Gate Bridge... No
Had an "old school" pager... Yes
Had an Atari...
Yes (kids did) but I played with it too.
Changed a tire (by yourself)...
Are you kidding me?  Absolutely not.
Ate sushi... No, yukky!
Built a Snowman... Yes
Seen a shooting star... Yes
Ate crab or lobster... Yes
Been to Disney... No
Rode a roller coaster... Yes
Been to the ocean...Yes 
Ever been surprised...Yes
Ever caught a firefly...Yes and put it in a mason jar!

Until Next Time,
I love my Lord because He first loved me,
I'll sing His praises through all eternity.



  1. That was fun reading your answers to these questions, Mary. I so agree with you about Sushi!lol I also liked your answer about changing a tire by yourself! :-) My husband has tried teaching me how to put air in the tires but I still save it for him to do so I'm guessing changing a tire wouldn't work for me either. :-)

  2. I just loved this meme, Mary. Thank you for the smiles.

  3. It was fun reading your answers as it helps to know you better.

  4. So much fun reading your answers. I was surprised as I read them how many things I had done. I've never changed my own tire. That's why I have AAA!

  5. Fun questions/answers! Just once during college years, I rode with my boyfriend at the time on his is NOT for me! lol

  6. I also found this helpful in getting to know you better.

  7. These are always fun. Thanks for sharing.

  8. These were good. We have a lot in common. Thanks for sharing these! Where do these come from?

  9. I love these things and getting to know you even better! We're so much alike!!! ;-) Sorry I'm late in visiting....yesterday was a full day for us.


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