Tuesday, April 11, 2017

No Doubt About It !

Howdy Y'all, so glad you stopped by.

Ain't God Good?
Oh, Yes He Is!

The LORD’s qualities are beyond measuring, without any limits, His love reaches as far as the east is from the west.

 He has always loved, and always will love us, far more than we can imagine.”

His constant love is far greater than anything else in the universe.

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday!!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Mr Clearance was there!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Look what I brought home! 

He's so cute hanging on our front door.
I need to do something with that bow!!  The good thing is I can put a new and different bow on it each year.  I might even put a new one this year.... royal purple....a reminder that Jesus Christ is the reason for the season!

I want to take moment before I close today and say

for all the comments that you make on my blog. 
Each one blesses my heart.

Absolutely no doubt about it,
blogger friends are very special.

Hope you're having a Terrific Tuesday!

Until Next Time
Life Life Joyously...
Don't waste a minute!


  1. I enjoy visiting you and the uplifting thoughts and scriptures. I like the bunny. The idea of purple ribbon sounds nice too.

  2. I loveeeeeeeeeee the bunny, I will have to take a photo of what I found at Wally world...and yes, ma'am, GOD IS GOOD!! smiles

    Have a beautiful day, friend.

  3. Kindred Spirits.. I asked the same question today. ☺ Love the bunny! 💜 Happy Tuesday!

  4. I love it that His faithfulness reaches far beyond the clouds! I'm so thankful for His mercy and love and grace...and for blogging friends like you, dear Mary.

    I'm happy to hear that Mr. Clearance was at Hobby Lobby today. He was at Michael's today too...and I brought home a lovely bouquet to place on my father-in-law and mother-in-law's grave soon.

  5. Yes!! Jesus is the reason for this season, too! Such a great reminder for us!!

  6. I love when things are on clearance!! What a good idea to change Mr. Bunny's bow from year to year. Purple would be lovely.

    I did have a terrific Tuesday because the sun shone and we reached 17C which I believe is 62F. A sunny Spring day in coastal BC is never taken for granted.

  7. Our Lord is so good and gracious and my heart is full of praise for Him in this season of remembering how He purchased our salvation! Always love Hobby Lobby and clearance makes it even more special :) Hugs to you today!


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