Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee Chat

May is here, time is a flying!!

Didn't we just have Christmas?  I know, I say that every month. 

Coffee sure was good this morning....
....of course, coffee is good every morning!

When I turned my calendar this morning these words greeted me...

....great is thy faithfulness....

Isn't that the truth?!
He is so good to us.

The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all he has made.
Psalm 145:13

There's an old saying that warns, "Promises are made to be broken."  With God the opposite is true.  The Bible is filled with promises God has made and kept.  With a track record like that, it means you can trust God's Word and His love for you.  He remains faithful, even if your faithfulness to Him wavers from time to time.  God and His promises have stood the test of time and will remain steadfast throughout eternity.

Bible Trivia:

Did you know that David is mentioned 1139 times in the Bible,
second only to Jesus.

On This Day:

5/1/1967 Elvis Presley married Priscilla Beaulieu.
I have to add this one because
I love our local baseball hero Nolan Ryan.
5/1/1991 Nolan Ryan pitched his seventh career no-hitter

Family News:

Emma's a pirate.
She has to wear an eye patch 3hrs a day or she's gonna have a lazy eye.  She seems to be having fun with this little girl's attitude.

From My Heart:

Blogger friends are awesome!!

Until Next Time


  1. Good morning Mary! Always a joy to visit your happy space here, and love the way you change your blog headers up! Our family has some eye issues as well and little girls having to wear eye patches, not fun, but necessary! She is making the best of it! So thankful that we can trust in the promises of the Lord! Hugs to you today :)

  2. Oh that Emma is so cute! Love her attitude, too. I had to wear a patch,too, probably around the same age that Emma is.

    God's faithfulness...what a comfort! I'd be in sad shape if I thought that any of His promises wouldn't be fulfilled...especially the one that says, Lo, I am with you always.

  3. That Emma has the right attitude! She will exceed everyone's expectations in life! Our Lord's promises are such a blessing. My heart rests easy in my faith!!

  4. Thank you for a lovely and encouraging post today. I had to wear a patch on my right eye when I was in first grade, and it strengthened my left eye. Hang in there, Emma!

  5. Emma is precious and has the right attitude.
    I appreciate and enjoyed the verses you shared today, Mary.
    Wishing you a delightful first week in May.

  6. Amen to God's faithfulness! I didn't know that David was mentioned so many times. Emma is so cute. I wore a patch in first grade because I fell and had to have stitches in my eyelid. She's cute as can be.

  7. Your place here is always such a peaceful place.
    Thank you for sharing your beauty to the glory of God.
    Isn't it wonderful to know that we can't count on God's promises found in His Word and know He will never fail us or break them.

    Have a blessed week ♡

  8. Emma is adorable! Yes, blogging friends are definitely awesome. I'm looking forward to getting to meet you one of these days, face to face. 💜

  9. I so enjoyed your post Mary. I'm so glad I got to meet many blogging friends online (like you). Your Emma is so cute! Have a day of blessings my friend.

  10. A lovely post, Mary! She does seem to be enjoying the eye patch. Maybe part pirate? LOL I am so thankful for God's faithfulness even when I'm not faithful to Him. Have a blessed day.


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