Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for so many things, sometimes it's hard to pick just one, or even a few.   I am in my cozy room, in my cozy chair thinking and thinking about a 'thankful' to share with you today.

Of course, {light bulb moment}

I'm thankful for the coziest spot in the house, my cozy room and my cozy chair.  I sit here to watch tv, to read, to pray, to play on my laptop, to cross stitch, to nap, to ponder, to journal, and to blog!!

Yes, I am very thankful that God has provided such a cozy retreat in my cozy home.

Linking with Rebecca Jo at Knit By God's Hand. . . 
. . . for Thankful Thursday!

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  1. ...and I am thankful for you, smiles. Have a beautiful rest of the day friend.

    1. Thank you Linda!! Hope you're having a great day!

  2. I just got a new lamp for my stitching spot Mary...will show it on Stitching Saturday on my blog. Like you I am thankful for a nice place to do all my favorite things.

  3. You know I'm soooo thankful for you, my Friend. Is that an actual "sketch" of your room. It's awesome!!! I'm enjoying reading all the things others are grateful for! HOPE things are looking up for you! <3 you bunches!

  4. A wonderful thankful post!! Blogging friends top my list of thankfuls!! Love you!

  5. Another sunflower! (your header). I have seen a couple today. Maybe it's a sign! ;-)

    I like your little room, especially the way the breeze is billowing the curtains. Nice touch!

  6. I love your sunflower header. We are gearing up to our daughter's wedding next month and sunflowers are her favorite flower so the wedding is full of them. Even the favors at the shower and wedding are packets of seeds.

    Your room sounds perfect. I have my own cozy little room where I do all of that except watch TV and I love it.

  7. I am thankful for your friendship here and like you, thankful for so many gifts God has allowed me to have. I have a cozy little spot too!

  8. I must agree for myself as well, my cozy room with all my books and my favourite chair and A/C which is such a blessing in the heat of summer!!

  9. What a happy thing to have a special cozy place!
    I like the sunflower header too! :)

  10. I have my 'comfy zone' in my house... there is just nothing like it. Where the world is all ok.

  11. I love your thoughts about this...I also have a special place to read and pray and watch the family activities swirl around me. (When I am not up in the middle of them all). It is a comfort to have such a 'space'. So thankful.


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