Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday Morning Coffee

Our circumstances are not always good;
God is.

Our circumstances are not our source of joy, strength or comfort;
God is.

Circumstances come and go like seasons, but
God is enduring, everlasting and eternal.

He is faithful and He is able.
So "Thus, ..I will Bless Thee while I live" - Psalm 63:4

(Robyn Howell Sloan)


  1. Thank you, Mary, for your post this morning. I needed these thoughts to put me back in perspective. Your blog is a joy to me every time I read it! We're going through some hard times lately, and your posts are a bkessing and help me a lot. God bless you!

    1. Carol, I'm so blessed to know these words were a blessing to you. Hard times do come, but we know He never forsakes us. ((hugs))

  2. Good morning to you, too!

    Grace & Peace,

  3. Amen!!! Thank you Mary. Hope you have a beautiful week. smiles

  4. So true Mary. I have a dear friend who is having a very hard day today due to the complications from an automobile accident that took place five years ago. They hope to settle everything today with workmans comp and the insurance etc. She is trusting God, no matter the outcome.

  5. Thank you...Yes, God IS!! Our source of strength, comfort, peace, health, and love. Thank you for these wonderful thoughts. Have a blessed week. I'll be gone this weekend to Maine for our grandson's graduation, but will see you again next week!!

  6. This reminds me of what I've been trying to practice ... think this, not that! ☺ Hope you're doing well, sweet Friend! 💜

  7. Wonderful post Miss Mary. I am sharing with a friend of mine whom lost her brother late Sunday afternoon. He took his life. If you think of it lift her and family up to our Lord. Her name is also Cindy.
    Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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