Thursday, August 14, 2014

Around Town

Mr. D and I love to drive around our town and just check things out.  We've lived here for many years and we like to keep up with what's changed and what's still the same. 
This is the boat ramp at Sylvan Beach, one of Mr. D's favorite places.  We go there often and watch the boats coming and going. 
I love this picture.  Such a beautiful place and those horse are gorgeous.  I'm standing in Mr. D's brother's yard.  He has this view to enjoy every day!
I remember when this house was alive with a family, now it looks so lonely.  Many nights as we would pass you could see the lights on and know a family was busy inside, living life.  The house has just recently been torn down.  It made me sad.
This is a mailbox!  I love passing by, making sure it's still there.
I can't take credit for this picture, I pulled it from facebook.  It is a picture of the Fred Hartman Bridge taken a few nights ago when we had the 'super' moon.  So pretty.  The bridge is a very short distance from my home.
Hope you enjoyed the tour around town.
Until Next Time


  1. What a sweet tour of where you live, Ms. Mary!! Driving around reminds me of when I was Daddy used to do that a lot with Mom and us kids....back when gas was probably about 50 cents a gallon!!! ;-) HOPE you have an awesome day!

    1. My parents always drove around too. Can you believe? I remember when gasoline was 35cts a gallon! WoW.

  2. Mary I love traveling "Around Town" with you, Mr. D and your camera. Having been born in La Porte and living here all my 65 1/2 yr I've witnessed many of the changes you mention. There is still no place like home. Zee

    1. Zee, so glad you stopped by. Hope you come again. ((hugs)) dear friend.

  3. Awe...such sweet pictures Miss Mary. Love looking at the sites of where other folks live. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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