Sunday, January 9, 2022

 We had rain, gusty winds and loud thunder yesterday, needless to say Buddy and Bitsy were nervous wrecks.  Buddy spent most of the day in my chair, snuggled between me and the chair arm while Bitsy was on the ottoman covered with my blanket.  They do not like bad weather.

She poked her head out long enough for a picture!

Today is Bitsy's 11th birthday.  She's getting so much gray, a little old lady for sure.

I've been thinking about a special word for 2022, and though many have passed through my thoughts, not a one has been 'The One.'   It's okay, I'll just wait until the right one comes my way.

I did see this on facebook and it's really making me think . . .

And then later today Peggy (youngest daughter) posted this  . . .

"Being a Christian is a statement about what Christ has done for me; being a disciple is a statement about what I'm doing for Christ."

I think there's a special word here. . .

I'm going to wait and listen!

Psalm 62:5
My soul, wait silently for God alone,
For my expectation is from Him.

Until Next Time

Thursday, January 6, 2022

A Penny for Your Thoughts

My Mother used to ask this . . .

She always wanted to know what was in my thoughts.  I don't know why I was remembering that today, but I was.  So, I decided to look up the origin of that phrase.

Earliest Recorded Usage A "penny for your thoughts" is a phrase generally credited to a man by the name of John Heywood, who was born sometime just before the 16th century. During his life, he was a writer who penned many plays and a book in 1546, known as A dialogue containing the number in effect of all the proverbs in the English tongue.

A penny no longer is worth much, but the expression, much repeated over the years, survives nevertheless.

So here's a penny for your thoughts, a nickel for a kiss
A dime if you tell me that you love me

“A penny for your thoughts” is a historically popular idiom that’s used in everyday conversation to direct someone lost in thought back to a conversation or situation. It is used among family and friends, as well as in writing, in order to inquire into someone’s thoughts. Although the idiom was once quite popular today, it is less commonly heard among English speakers. It’s likely that the older parts of the population will be more family with it than the younger.

I can tell you one three things that's always in my thoughts . . .

Merica is visiting her Nana Jeana and learning to piece quilts.

I love Hazel's bluejean jacket.

Sweet Adalyn enjoyed her first Christmas.

The little ones in our lives bring such freshness to our world.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord
Psalm 127:3a

Until Next Time