Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Wednesday's Wisdom:
You can't always pick your battles,
or your enemies, but you can always
choose your weapon!  I encourage
you to choose PRAISE.  Praise ushers
in His presence.  Let praise be
your weapon, because it
switches the focus from the fight
and the enemy, and it directs
it toward God!  Ultimately, we
are not just praising because
we want to win, but because
God alone is truly
Worthy of our Praise!

We've been having springtime weather, which means I've been able to do some porch sitting.  It's been so nice outside, with my Kindle in hand, and the dogs by my side, we've been enjoying some very pleasant afternoons.

We lost several of our plants because of the Texas Snow Storm we had a few weeks ago so Mr D has been replacing with new plants, and he has repotted some of the plants that didn't freeze.

He's pruned and cleaned, and he has everything really looking nice.

Until Next Time


Friday, March 5, 2021

Long Ago and Far Away

 Scrolling through Facebook when I came upon this .  .  .

. . . precious memories came flooding back.

Did you play paper dolls?  I sure did.  I had boxes full of them.  My Momma loved to play with paper dolls too.  She told me she cut her paper dolls from catalogs.  

I wrote a little poem for my paper dolls.

Paper Dolls, Paper Dolls
Where did you go?
Oh how I loved you
So long ago.

I put you away
one sad day,
Thought I was too old
to play.

How I wish I had you once again,
and we could play and remember when,
days gone by just you and me,
oh how wonderful that would be.

Mr D went to Krogers for groceries and come home with flowers for me!
He's always been so thoughtful.

I watched the best movie on you tube, it so touching and uplifting.  It's one hour and 33 minutes long,  I was enjoying it so much it was over much too soon.

If you would like to watch it, go to you tube and enter I Am Gabriel in the search field, it'll come right up.

Until Next Time