Monday, February 5, 2024

Monday Coffee Talk

 Hello!  Come on in and visit a spell♥ 

The coffee's hot the tea is too!

And I have a cup just for you.

I just love my coffee picture today, it's from Country Cottage Living facebook page.  I had a brick wall in our previous home, it really gives a lot of character to a room, if you like country.

I'm reading a new book, it was advertised to be like The Mitford Series by Jan Karon, and that caught my attention. It is a good book which I am enjoying, but I think comparing it to The Mitford books is a little overrated.  Just my opinion.  Still, it's an easy read that keeps me turning the page.

When tragedy strikes Leona Harper, the devastated pastor's wife summons her estranged children home.  But parenting young adults in a glass house proves more difficult than reinventing herself.  Determined to give her broken family a shot at a second chance, Leona begins the painful journey of putting one foot in front of the other.  Reconciliation and healing won't come easy in this zany, trouble-filled. hilarious walk-through-grief adventure.

It's my first large print book and I LOVE it, hopefully any future books I would like to read will be available in the bigger print.  It's so much easier on my eyes.

A few things about me other than my weak eyes:

1. I love Brown Sugar Poptarts, and have one each morning with my coffee.

2. I have one surviving brother who is 41/2 years younger than me.  He was the baby of the family and my mother's favorite, he was nick-named the Golden Boy. All in fun, he lives 2 hours away and we keep in touch via the phone. 

3. I prefer being cold over being hot but live in the Houston TX area where the summers are on fire.

4. I am 78 years old, 79 on the 24th, married the guy I dated in high school, and we've been together 61 years.  Geez, that's a long time and I wouldn't trade a minute.

5. I love God, my family, my GLOW sisters, my friends, and turtle blizzards from Dairy Queen.

AND . . .

1. I don't like hurricanes, the season is just around the corner.....BooHiss

2. I don't like marketing phone calls, I block the numbers every time and more will call....BooHiss

3. I don't like crowded restaurants and we'll just go somewhere else.

4. I don't like heavy traffic and we try to avoid going into Houston, the traffic there is YIKES.

5. I don't like that my precious Buddy Boy is so sick, I'm concerned what his fate might be. {{tears}}

Buddy Boy

A man walked to the top of a hill to talk to God. The man asked, ‘God, what’s a million years to you?’ and God said, ‘A minute.’

Then the man asked, ‘Well, what’s a million dollars to you?’ and God said, ‘A penny.’

Then the man asked, ‘God…..can I have a penny?’ and God said, ‘Sure… in a minute.’

Today's Turning Point

We often think everything is against us.  Discouragement piles onto discouragement, and we feel defeat in our hearts.  But God is the King of comebacks.  He reverses the tide, weaves the circumstances into threads of gold, and turns curses into blessings.  He specializes in working all things for the good of His dear children. (that's us)

1 John 5:5

Who is he who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?

Outside of Christ, I have been defeated; in Christ, I am already victorious.

Watchman Nee


 Watchman Nee

November 4, 1903 – May 30, 1972), was a Chinese church leader and Christian teacher who worked in China during the 20th century.

During his thirty years of ministry, Nee published many books expounding the Bible. He established churches throughout China and held many conferences to train Bible students and church workers. Following the Communist Revolution, Nee was persecuted and imprisoned for his faith and spent the last twenty years of his life in prison. He was honored by Christopher H. Smith (R-NJ) in the US Congress on July 30, 2009.

Until Next Time

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Hello February & Thankful Thursday

 Hello Februaty, it's good to see you again.

Our past few days have been nice enough for Mr D to work in the yard.  He's been busy weeding flower beds, edging the sidewalk and various other things to make our home look nice.  He cleaned the back porch from a lot of winter disarray.  It really looks nice again and we did some porch sitting yesterday afternoon.  The dogbabies loved being outside for an extended length of time, running and sniffing and sniffing and running!  Great fun for them.  More than likely we'll have a few more cold fronts so I'll enjoy being outside while I can.

I found this beautiful prayer that I want to share.  Hope you like it as much as I do.♥

 A Little Prayer

Let us be thankful, Lord, for little things -

The song of birds, the rapture of the rose;

Cloud-dappled skies, the laugh of limpid springs,

Drowned sunbeams and the perfume April blows;

Bronze wheat a-shimmer, purple shade of trees -

Let us be thankful, Lord of Life, for these!

Let us be praiseful, Sire, for simple sights; -

The blue smoke curling from a fire of peat;

Keen stars a-frolicking on frosty nights,

Prismatic pigeons strutting in a street;

Daisies dew-diamonded in smiling sward -

For simple sights let us be praiseful, Lord!

Let us be grateful, God, for health serene,

The hope to do a kindly deed each day;

The faith of fellowship, a conscience clean,

The will to worship and the gift to pray;

For all of worth in us, of You a part,

Let us be grateful, God, with humble heart.

-- Robert William Service

This will certainly go in my journal.

February brings with it lots of hearts and valentines.

One of my favorite hearts is from my youngest valentine, Peggy♥

Today's Thankfuls

  • For Mr. D who keeps our little bungalow so neat and clean.
  • For Robert William Service who wrote such a beautiful prayer for all to enjoy.
  • For my daughters, Tracey - Tammy - Peggy who bless Mr D and I beyond measure.
  • For my Lord and Savior who has given me so much mercy and grace and SALVATION.

Hope everyone enjoys a very loving February!

Until Next Time

Be Mine, Valentine♥