Friday, September 5, 2014

Around Town Again

As you've probably guessed by now, one thing Mr. D and I love to do is ride around town.
Stopping here and there for a picture or two.....or three....or four....or more.
Mr. D drives and I keep the camera ready.  I never know when something of interest will appear, it usually happens quick, and we pass it by before I can get he word stop out of my mouth.

 Mr. D has circled the block or turned around in someones driveway many times...he's backed down the street a few times too.
He's so patient ~ he always gets me back where I need to be to get my picture.

We've never taken the time to sit in this gazebo....maybe someday we will.

I really liked this yard art.  As usual we passed it by before I could say, STOP!  It was one of those times when Mr. D just backed up until we were back in the right place to take the picture.
~ Patience of Job, my Mr. D ~
Truth is, he loves the pictures as much as I do.
We hope you enjoy them too!
Until Next Time
May the Good Lord take a likin' to ya!



  1. Ha! Love that last comment!!! And those horns....there's a pair in one of the exam rooms at Mom's heart doctor! HOPE the weekend treats you well, my friend!

  2. The pictures are lovely but it took your artful eye and talent to produce the nice pictures. Thank you for sharing and thank Mr. D for being your loving helper. Have a great week. Thanks for your kind comments and support. I always love getting your blog comments. Hugs, Lura


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