Monday, September 8, 2014

End of Summer

 September is here ~ the countdown to cooler days has begun, and the summer heat is still HOT.

 Our back door faces east and each morning when I let the dogbabies out, I am greeted with a blast of heat.  By mid-morning the sun is high enough that I'm able to sit on the porch and have some shade.  This is when I enjoy the porch plants with their bright colored flowers and various shades of green leaves.  Lately I've been wondering if they're as tired of the summer heat as I am?

 They don't seem to be.  Their blooms are still full and the their colors vibrant.  More than I can say for me! I feel wilted and faded! :)

 The lantana has grown it's way over to the fern ~ looks pretty popping through the green fronds.

 Now doesn't this look like the hibiscus is sticking it's tongue out at the lantana?  I think it must be telling the lantana to stay on it's own side of the pot!

 I don't know the name of this plant, we got it at a mid-summer sale, discounted 50%.  Some where along the way the info tag was lost.  It sure was a scrawny thing in the beginning.  I set it where it wouldn't get direct sunlight and was careful with how much water it drank.  Now that summer is almost over it's getting full and beginning to grow.  Hope I can keep it healthy during the winter months.

This hibiscus seems to be the only plant that is tired of the heat.  It's lost some leaves and not as full as it was in the spring and early summer. The blooms are still pretty, maybe not quite as big as they have been.
And this is me! 
A wilted bloom waiting for cold weather!
It's hot here on the porch, time to say ~ good bye porch, good bye plants, good bye friends, it's time to go in!
Now where are those dogbabies?
C'mon Buddy Boy ~ C'mon Bitsy Baby
Let's go inside.
WoW, this a/c feels good.
Have a great day...
Until Next Time
 Jesus Loves You!


  1. At least the humidity isn't as bad here as it was. Your flowers are so pretty. Stay cool and have a great day.

  2. Hi sweet Mary! It's hard to believe Autumn is just around the corner! It's been rather cold her and yesterday we had 35 degrees in the morning. Today is going to be rainy and cool.

    I hope you stay cool, sweet friend! Enjoy your week!


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