Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello September

At last, at last, September is here!
It's still hot it my part of the world.  It doesn't matter, September is when summer is packed away and autumn comes out to play.
September evenings you'll catch me watching the local weather reports ~ waiting intently for the first cool front and then hopefully a cold front soon after.
Even though it will still be just a little while longer,  the countdown has begun.
September always brings to mind one of my favorite chapters of the Bible. 
Ecclesiastes 3 ~ A time for everything.
 It reminds me that God is in control,
 He made time for everything, even the first cool front. :)
I will be patient....I will be patient.....I will be patient
and wait on the Lord.
If you haven't already guessed...
I'm ready for cold weather.
I think a lot of Texans are...not so much because they like the cold, but because they are tired of the summer heat.
Wishing you Happy Days
Until Next Time


  1. Beautiful pottery, Ms. Mary. I'm looking so forward to cooler weather, too. Hope you enjoy your Labor Day.

  2. Wonderfull pottery,greeting from Belgium

  3. Have a nice september month, beautifull blog.


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