Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lots of October Orange

I've done a lot of talking lately about the fall weather and I've certainly enjoyed the few fall days we have had, and yet, I am just now decorating for fall.
There's a lot of pictures today, so sit back and enjoy!

There was a time when the entire house would change for the seasons.  No need for that anymore, now that it's just me and Mr. D.
 I've been asked what I do with all the yoyos I make.  There's always something that needs one, two or more yoyos!

 They sure made a pretty roof for this old birdhouse.   Brought this old house in from the yard a few days ago.  Cleaned it up and added some orange paint, but that wasn't enough, it needed something else.  Yoyos of course! 

 An old teapot from the cabinet over the fridge.
I totally forgot I had it.  It's always fun to shop your own house.

 Every year when I open my box of fall d├ęcor this cute little face is staring up at me.  I love his sweet smile.

 One of the few new things I purchased this year was this tray.   A  Dollar Tree special, and yes, it was only one dollar!

Candy Corn is a 'must' in October.

 Lots of October Orange!
Until Next Time
Happy Fall Y'all


  1. It all looks so pretty ....the yo-yo"s add such a personal touch. And that candy corn.... that brings back such a special memory of my Mamaw. she always called it corn candy so that is what I've always called it. Pappy always makes a point to tell me that is not what it is! :-)

  2. Everything is so pretty, dear Mary! I LOVE the yo-yo's on the birdhouse - what a clever idea :)

    Enjoy your day! Hugs


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