Friday, October 10, 2014

Julia's Porch

We're going to visit Julia's Porch today!
I love big porches
and that's just what Julia has..
a big beautiful porch!


~ Welcoming Front Door~

All dressed up for fall.
 Lot's of room for family and friends!

This is such a cozy setting.   Great place to catch a late breeze on a hot afternoon. 
Or maybe some hot coffee or hot chocolate on a cool autumn evening. 
I'm using this picture for my screensaver!
I am in love with this porch!
Julia has created a warm and inviting place for friends and family to gather.  A place for great fellowship, where you can share good conversation and lots of laughter.
Now I would like for you to meet Julia!

This is her!
Ain't she purty, and she just happens to be my niece-in-law, and that pretty porch is her design!
Your porch is beautiful Julia, thank you so much for allowing me to share 'Julia's Porch' with all my blogger friends!

Until Next Time
hmm.....wonder if Mr D will add a
big porch to the front of our house?





  1. OH, I love it, too, especially the plank floor!!! She did an awesome job decorating it for fall!


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