Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I'm Just Waiting On You

Today I'm sharing from my scrapbook, something I entered in 2008.  Apparently it was a message that touched my heart at the time or I would not have saved it.  I never get tired of remembering God's intervention in my life...and I find myself going back to my Praise Journal and Scrapbook often.  It's a reminder of where I've been and how I've felt over the years ~ a reminder that God walks with me as I travel this journey called life.

~ When God Waits ~
There are a lot of 'why' questions that we lift up to God.  Everyday people are looking to heaven and crying out in frustration, "Lord, why aren't you doing something about this?  Why is this happening to me?"  We saturate the airwaves with the 'why' questions of life.
I'm convinced that God has one answer for almost every one of those questions.  He says,
I'm waiting on you.

When Moses and the Israelites stood on the edge of the Red Sea watching the Egyptian army close in on them, they cried out to God in fear.  They began praying that God would somehow rescue them.  And look what God said:  "Tell the people to get moving!" (Exodus 14:15).  To paraphrase, "I'm just waiting on you."
Too often we spend our days waiting for a miracle.  When trouble comes, we cry out to God for help.  When things don't move fast enough, we blame God for taking His time.  And all the while God is saying to us, I haven't gone anywhere.  I'm just waiting on you.
And what is it that God is waiting for?  Often He is waiting for us to lay aside our agenda and trust Him....Whenever God waits, He waits with a purpose.
And when we finally come to our senses and do the thing that we know He wants us to do, he moves with a vengeance.  The Red Sea parts, and things start to happen.

Whatever we do, we must step out in faith, He's there to help us or catch us or lead us ~ He's with us no matter our journey.
As my friend Debby often says...
Ain't God Good?
Oh yes He is.
Today's Inspiration:
Embracing Eternity
by: Frank M. Martin



  1. Good Morning, Mary. What a wonderful post to start my day. Thank you so much for sharing. Thanks also for the get well wishes. May God richly bless your day.

  2. I love your heart, my Friend! Yes God is soooo good and He's revealing Himself more and more. HOPE you have an awesomely blessed day!

  3. Oh, yes, like most everyone else, I find myself sometimes waiting for HIM to do something in my life...and it's true that WE NEED TO MOVE.
    Thanks so much for this great post. It really blessed me today.
    O....and when I clicked on yur MY WEB PAGE on your profile pg, it said NO SUCH might want to fix it..

  4. I love your Christian testimony, Mary.

  5. Wonderful post, Mary! I don't like it when people blame God for things wrong that happen. The root cause of things going wrong is usually because of the bad choices we make in life. You are an inspiration, thank you so much for sharing.

  6. I agree with everyone... this is a wonderful post and speaks volumes. Sometimes we expect God to do all the work when all he wants us to do is pick up the tools we have been given.
    Have a blessed day!


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