Friday, November 14, 2014

Jesus Is Coming Soon

Troublesome times are here
Filling our hearts with fear.
Freedom we all hold dear
Now is at stake.
~Until He Returns~
We Should
John takes great pains to emphasize that we are responsible to keep the sayings of the book of Revelation.  In Revelation 22:18-19, he pronounces God's blessing on all who will read the book and His curse on all those who would try to tamper with it.
One of the most important themes in this book is obedience.  It is because of the disobedience of mankind that God will judge the world, and His holy saints are charged repeatedly to distance themselves from the world's rebellion by "keeping the words" of the book.  We are to walk submissively according to God's Word.
Humbling your hearts to God
Saves from the chastening rod.
Seek the way pilgrims trod
Christians awake!
 We Should
Grab hold of the truth of God's Word and give it back in worship to God.  We praise His name triumphantly, with exuberance and conviction.  Revelation makes it clear that praise and worship are the vital vehicles of our response to all that God is and does.
My Jesus is coming soon
Morning or night or noon.
Many will meet their doom
The trumpets will sound.
 We Should
Evangelism will one day cease~but not yet.  One major purpose of Revelation is to stimulate believers to share the Good News of redemption in Jesus' name.  It is our duty to preach the Gospel so people may hear and believe the Good News about Jesus.
Yes all of the dead shall rise
Righteous meet in the skies.
Going where no one dies
Heavenward bound.
We Should
We have only a little time to work for the advancement of the Gospel, and we must use the time well.  We must work, and work hard. 
Troubles will soon be o'er
Happy forever more.
When we meet on that shore
Free from all care.
 We Should
We do not know when the Lord is coming back to this earth.  But we do know His arrival is closer today than it was yesterday!  He could come at any time to take His Church to His Father's house.  There will be no time to prepare.  That is why we must always be ready.  What a day, glorious day that will be.
Rising up in the sky
Telling this world good-bye.
Homeward we  will fly
Glory to share.
He could come today!
Are you ready?
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Today's Inspiration:
The Revelation Prophecy Chart
Dr. David Jeremiah



  1. Oh, Ms. Mary, I love Dr. David Jeremiah, too. I haven't heard that old hymn in many it will be running thru my head today ! Hope you have a great's cold here, too. 24 right now.brrrr! :)

  2. This is one of my favourite hymns, Mary! Thanks so much for sharing. And I love how you have set up your blog, it is lovely!


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