Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sharing My Day

We were back to Houston this morning for Mr D's eye appointment. It was an early morning appointment today because I wanted to be sure to get out of there before dark.  All went well, stitches out, looking good and they don't want to see him again until next year!   WooHoo!

Sometimes I get in a mood to do some changing around.  I've been looking at this room knowing I wanted to do something to liven it up.  So I moved this little table over there and another one over here...and now I don't like it.  Taking a break and I'm putting it back like it was to start with....All that work for nothing...well, at least now know I don't like this arrangement and I can quit thinking about it.
I do crazy things like that and it's not because I'm old, I've been like this for years. :)  Let me tell you, years ago when the kids were little, I found the cutest necklaces for the girls.  I thought they would be the cutest stocking stuffer at Christmas but it was late summer. I bought them anyway, took them home and hid them in the top of my closet.  Have you guessed what happened?  Yep, I did, I forgot all about them.  Several years later I found a little bag pushed way back on the top shelf in my closet, when I opened it up, there were those cute necklaces!  Are you laughing at me?  It's okay, I laugh at me too!!

I'm a Crazy Lady 

"Baby it's cold outside"
Winter is finally come to my part of Texas.  It's cold, like really winter cold.  Mr. Weatherman says we're going to have winter temps for at least a week.  I'm sure going to enjoy this cold spell, we might have summer again next week!  That's the way it is in SE Texas!

Tammy just called to let me know she cooked a big pot of chili this morning and she's bringing us some for our supper ~ and cornbread too!  That girl sure cooks some good chili.  Nothing like it on a cold winter evening.  Yum!

Took these pictures this afternoon.  The hibiscus and lantana look so pretty intertwined together.  They are still blooming, for now anyway.

Time to turn the lights down low and hope there is something worth watching on tv.

So glad you stopped by, please come again!



  1. Glad to hear Mr D's eye appointment was successful. That's always good news. It sure is cold here in south Texas. Last night when I took Bentley for his nightly walk I kept it short. My next door neighbor called me this evening to see if we were surviving this cold snap. We had a good laugh when she remembered we lived in Idaho before moving here:-) Stay warm!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. Great to hear Mr. D's eye is improving! I've always been a furniture rearranger...even in my younger days! And it's cold in East TN, too!! Stay warm, sweet Friend!


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