Thursday, January 8, 2015

January's Book Review

I have been wanting to read 
The Duck Commander Family 
for a while.  When my sweet friend Valerie heard this she loaned me hers,  that was before Christmas and it has been on a table in the living room ever since.  I finally picked it up and starting reading ~ I've not been disappointed, it's very entertaining.
I watch their show on occasion ~ I like the family but sometimes they get a little too silly for me.  I love that they stand by their belief in God and that they are not swayed away by money and fame.  I lived in Louisiana for many years and I am very familiar with their lifestyle.   Squirrel hunting, duck hunting, froggin', fishing, that's what they do in North Louisiana. 
In the pages of this book, you'll find out things about this lovable family that you won't see on the show ~ such as how the family survived while Miss Kay worked days and left the boys in the care of eight year old brother Alan. (WoW, that's kinda scary.) You'll get to know the beautiful Korie ~ how she met Willie, what their dating days were like, and how she juggles being a mom, a wife, and an active partner in the family business.

My favorite part of the book is the famous clan's food.  Most of it I ate as a child and still eat today.

They've got:
Fried Bologna Bolonie
Yep, I've eaten it many times!

Chicken Strips
Still eat those today!

Duck Gumbo
I've never had Duck Gumbo but I sure have had my share of other gumbo!

Dumplings, Hot Water Cornbread
and Fried Squirrel.
Oh so good, I've had them all.  My sister-in-law Nell, cooks the best pot of squirrel dumplin's you ever put in your mouth. Now that just could be because she is from the same part of Louisiana as the Robertson's!  And my momma's Hot Water Cornbread was the best in the land!

Back Straps
I'm pretty sure I've had this!

Road Kill
Ain't no way.  Yuk
Thanks for loaning me the book Valerie!

Until Next Time
You'll find me behind the pages of
The Duck Commander Family!



  1. They are so funny. I like how they stick together. I sbsolutely LOVE that they pray on their show, in Jesus' name.

  2. Thanks for coming by and giving good wishes for Mr. Sweet. :)
    I got a little burned out on the Ducks..we watched every show and every rerun...I don't watch them right now...maybe later.
    Hot Water Cornbread is our favorite thing in the whole world. I am curious as to how you make yours.
    hugs, bj

  3. Did you happen to watch Sadie on Dancing with the Stars? I loved how she kept with her faith and didn't bow down to certain routines, especially with what she wore!! AWESOME family of FAITH!!!

    1. I did watch DWTS and Sadie. She is a wonderful example for young women!


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