Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tea Cups and Sweeties

I love presents, especially surprise presents that are for no special reason!
A 'just because' gift.
My daughter Tammy and her hubby love to take big vacations and short day trips.  I love for them to take them too because Tammy usually brings me a teacup from her journey.  Thank you Tammy ~ I think you might be spoiling me just a bit. 
 It was also wonderful that sweet Emma and Ava came with her to deliver my gift.  They were so cute when I ask if they would hold the cup and saucer so I could take their picture.
 I told them they had to be very careful and not drop them, as you can see, Emma (on the left) could hardly contain herself.
After the pictures were taken they went out on the porch to sit in the swing and talk to Great PawPaw.
Bad weather was on it's way and Tammy decided to cut our visit short and get home with the girls. 
Mr D and I enjoyed their visit and we're anxiously waiting for them to visit again.
Until Next Time
 There is nothing more wonderful than the love of family.


  1. Your photos are lovely, Mary, and I love this "just because" gift. How beautiful and thoughtful!

  2. I agree with it all, nothing like the love of family, "just because" gifts and sweet grandchildren.
    That is a pretty teacup!

  3. I told our niece we need to have a family get together "just because" ....no special reason. The gift from your daughter is so pretty. Pray for us, Ms. Mary ...we are now 17 hours without power! :(

  4. I agree, there's not place like home and family. Love your teacup, and the little ones are adorable!

  5. Lovely teacup, but it is greatly outshined by those adorable teacup-holders!!


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