Friday, April 17, 2015

Porch Sitting

Well, it's official, winter has left us for another year.  I'll sure miss that cool weather ~ with that said, Spring has brought porch-sitting and I'm enjoying every minute of it.
I need a little color, everything is just green ~ it will happen in due time!
I really need to move this plant, it's getting too big for my small porch.  I don't have many options...
I'll find a place somewhere because I'm surely not going to do away with it.
This ivy has been inside all winter, I set it out a few days ago and it's perked up and put on a lot of new growth.  I think it's happy to be back in the fresh air.
I want something with color to sit beside Mr. Goose.  Don't know what it will be, most blooms like sunshine and this area is always shaded.  I'll just go shopping and see what I can find.
A red hibiscus is ready to open.  This plant has always beed potted and on my porch for years.  I prune it back every spring and within a week or two it's full of new leaves and buds.
And just look at this lantana.  Just a few weeks ago it looked like a pile of sticks!  Lantana is one of my favorite plants.  I have one that's all yellow and another that's pink/yellow mixed.  I have found the yellow to be very hardy and easy to grow, the pink/yellow mixed likes to be pampered.
This rascal is my poinsettia from Christmas 2013!  When Christmas was over that year I set it on the porch, and that's where it's been since. Didn't see any red on it this past Christmas, imagine my surprise when I saw this a few weeks ago.  Christmas in April!
This afternoon, if the weather permits, (it's supposed to rain) I'll be porch-sitting and reading my new book.  It came in the mail this morning and I can hardly wait to open the pages.  It's the first book in a series written by Don Reid ~ the Don Reid of the retired Statler Brothers.  I was so surprised when I saw an interview with him talking about his writing.  I think I'm going to really enjoy his books.
Until Next Time
Thanking God for all He has provided.


  1. I love porch sitting,Mary, if I was your niegbor we could have many great times sitting talking and enjoying the pretty flowers and sunshine! Have a great weekend!

  2. No wonder you love sitting out peaceful! And, yes, I'm having a very happy week. Spending lots of time with our precious grand-kiddos!!! Had one-on-one time with the baby and oh, what a personality that little fellow has! HOPE your weekend is full of blessings, my sweet friend!!


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