Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Around Town Again

Mr D and I are always out driving around, checking out what's going on in our part of the world.

This bird was all alone and looked lonely.  Truth is, he was probably happy not having any competition for dinner!
This looked so pretty to me.  We went by so fast I couldn't get a picture.  STOP...Mr D drove around the block and slowed down so I could take my picture.
Then the trees of the woods shall rejoice before the Lord.
I Chronicles 16:33a
A little sunbathing on a sunshiny day!
This old house once knew my children
This old house once knew my wife
This old house was home and comfort
As we fought the storms of life

 This old house once rang with laughter
This old house heard many shouts
Now it trembles in the darkness
When the lightning walks about
Until Next Time
Wishing you happy and blessed days!



  1. Ms. Mary, you're so talented with how you post to include pictures and words and song lyrics. May I just out and out say, I'm envious of you! I love it when you show us "around town"! Mr. D is a keeper to go around the block and let you get the pic. Pappy is all the time asking me if I "want a pic of "that" for my blog"!!! LOL....they know us too well. We're certainly blessed!

  2. I loved all the pictures and the words!

  3. Oh what a lovely drive!!!! Thank you for sharing. Blessings

  4. What beautiful pictures. You live in a lovely place.

  5. We may need to get out and about today, thanks for the encouragement, Mary.

  6. Now you've inspired me to get outside and look around, as soon as my back feels better. Very nice photos!


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